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For us to better serve, develop and grow the community, is recruiting “ Teamsters” from all around the world. Whether you are a KOL, crypto, blockchain, or NFT enthusiast, you are all welcome to participate in this campaign.

1) Registration Requirements

Twitter users or users with at least 100 followers or more on YouTube, Facebook, or other notable social media platforms can partake in this campaign.

2) Base Salary and Bonus

💰Teamsters’ base salary: 30 USDT monthly and up to 1000 USDT fixed monthly salary.

💰Teamster’s Super Rebate: Enjoy up to 60% of the spot or contract rebate ratio.

💰Monthly bonus: will also set up a monthly bonus distribution plan for the New Pull Incentive Award, Coinstore Prime Activity Promotion Award, Fee Contribution Award, etc., and divide the 1500 USDT equivalent Prime Series tokens according to the individual teamster’s ranking.

3) Teamster’s Duties

① Promote twice a day across social media platforms.

② Help attract traffic and guide new users to register for transactions.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below, and one of’s staff will be with you shortly!

Form Link >>

Thank you,



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