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Coinstore Exchange Partners with FinTech and Blockchain Association (FAB), Towards Better Financial & Technological Education

We are thrilled to announce that is entering into a joint partnership with FinTech and Blockchain (FAB) Association!

FAB Association is an organization that was established to bring together Financial and Corporate leaders, along with Blockchain experts from across the globe. Endorsed by EST Global Inc, the Association is a decentralized Platform for Digital Knowledge & Intelligence Proliferation among the Youth. It promotes financial and technological education worldwide to improve and enrich business compliance and relationships as one integrated tech world.

“We are excited to be able to work with an organization as passionate as FAB Association and look forward to contributing to their vision of educating the world on financial and technological matters, as well as becoming an active member in the industry”, as quoted by James, our BD Director.

FAB Association Chairman and CEO, Dr Sindhu Bhaskar is of the view that exchanges are evolving into initiator, integrator, acquirer and processor simultaneously in this fintech era. This process-knowledge will be a great asset to the FAB Community Students and they shall greatly benefit from this association with will potentially be working with FAB through our Coinstore Academy by providing crypto and blockchain-related study materials for their education platform. As Coinstore Academy is still a growing resource of, we are hoping to see it grow alongside the collaboration with FAB. “We are very excited and looking forward to continuing our long term partnership with for the digital empowerment of the society.”, as cited by Saurav, Co-founder and COO of FAB Association.

Going into the educational sector of crypto and blockchain, sees this as a huge opportunity to contribute to broadening the knowledge of the technological sector worldwide. “This partnership with FAB will definitely open doors to many educational aspects for and we can’t wait to see how it will evolve.”, as cited by James, our BD Director. FAB Chairman fully agreed with this viewpoint.

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