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Coinstore Exchange spoke in FAB Tantra Webinar 1.0

2021 has been a hell of a ride for and all crypto investors. We have grown from a small team to a community of people worldwide. is proud to announce that we have recently presented in a webinar on 23rd January 2022 alongside IMS Ghaziabad University held by the FinTech and Blockchain Association (FAB) and Niti Tantra to share about crypto and blockchain.

FAB Association is an organization that was established to bring together Financial and Corporate leaders, along with Blockchain experts from across the globe. Niti Tantra is a student-run revolutionary think-thank that focuses on bringing youths into politics.

The webinar “FAB Tantra Webinar 1.0” explores the concept of cryptocurrency as a whole, an exit plan into post-covid with emphasis on employment, economy, education, and healthcare, and the possibility of recognizing crypto as a legal tender in India. has had the privilege of sharing a broad overview of the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide, and how centralized exchanges can exacerbate the process. James Toh, the director of stated, “Crypto exchanges act as a bridge by allowing individuals to purchase their first or subsequent cryptocurrencies before diving further into other sections of the industry. I would say that the crypto revolution is comparable to the adoption of the internet.”

The crypto space is definitely an exciting industry to work in and we are honoured to have been given the opportunity to present alongside several influential individuals from India, all of which brought insightful takeaways to the table. The list of speakers are as such:

  • Mr. Raj A. Kapoor, Founder of India Blockchain Alliance
  • Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar, Founder and Co-chairman of EST Global Inc
  • Miss Shelle Fantastic, Founder and CEO of Shefan Pro
  • Prof. Dr. Ajay Kumar, Director at IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus
  • Mr. James Toh, Director at
  • Adv. Sushanth Samudrala, CEO of Sushanth IT Law Associates, Cyber Law Expert and Techno Legal Consultant

We are thrilled to announce that has officially dipped our feet into the educational sector of crypto and blockchain, and we are excited about what’s to come and what we are able to contribute to the space. This may be one of our few webinars but it will most certainly not be our last.


It’s never too late to start diving into the world of cryptocurrency. Whether you’re young or old, a pro or a newbie, welcomes you to our arcade where we learn together… the fun way! We make cryptocurrencies available for everyone in a sleek, exciting, and simple fashion, equipping you with experience and techniques to buy, sell and trade on the go.

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Disrupting the crypto industry by bringing in “fun” in finance. We are your financial arcade where people see complexity, we provide clarity.

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Disrupting the crypto industry by bringing in “fun” in finance. We are your financial arcade where people see complexity, we provide clarity.