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Coinstore Exchange’s Third Launchpad Project under Coinstore Prime, SOIT: A Massive Success With Higher Than Expected Results

Following the heels of its last two successes, Coinstore Prime once again delivered a higher-than-expected result with its third project, Social Innovation (SOIT). has once again proven the power of its launchpad sub-platform Coinstore Prime as its third project, SOIT, achieves a 650% increase in price within 30 minutes of going live. Launched on the 8th of November, Coinstore Prime’s third IEO project sold 625000 SOITs and rallied a total of 4029 participants with more than 600,000 USDT committed over the span of two events.

Coinstore Prime

Third Times’ The Charm

SOIT follows the heels of two past successful launchpad stories, INVT and CNT. Launched in August, Innovator Metaverse (INVT) is currently trading at 1367.26% more than its pre-sale release value. In the same vein, Cointrading (CNT) launchpad opened in September and has achieved a 1190.78% increase in trading price since then.

Almost out of tradition, Coinstore Prime now celebrates its third project success with Social Innovation (SOIT), a community-based blockchain project that aims to revolutionize traditional social interactions by rewarding social connections. After the two events launched by Coinstore Prime, it is now currently trading at 631.95% more than its pre-sale price, with a breaking number of SOIT sold during these two events and surpassing ROI expectations in the current bear market.

What is Coinstore Prime?

A subsidiary of the Launchpad, Coinstore Prime was started in early 2022 to enable early investments in projects with quality potential. Coinstore Prime’s benefits go two ways: it provides new projects with a platform to reach out to potential users, and it enables keen investors with an eye for new and unique projects early access and involvement at pre-sale prices. Coinstore Prime also provides support for the early-stage developments of new projects in the form of exposure, funding, and business strategies for future progress.

Unlike most IEO launchpads, Coinstore Prime is community-driven. The projects listed under the platform are curated by the Prime community and each project’s success is heavily dependent on community support. On top of that, the projects chosen for the special listing at Coinstore Prime are carefully vetted and handpicked by a team of experts from

With almost 15000 subscribers and over a million USD committed since its launch earlier this year, Coinstore Prime is set to list two more projects before the year ends, with high hopes of ROI outcomes and continuing success of the platform and its users.

Be An Early Bird

With its past massive successes, Coinstore Prime is aiming for a total of five projects before the year closes. With new users seeing the utility and potential of the platform and old users looking optimistically to future opportunities, Coinstore Prime promises to continue its thriving ecosystem of early projects and early investors, with more promising projects on the horizon. The only way to keep abreast with early news and updates is to join the community and Coinstore Prime.

Find the hidden gems in the crypto space using Coinstore Prime. Access new opportunities. Rewards await the early bird, join Coinstore Prime now.

ROI of the last 3 Prime Projects


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