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Coinstore Futures Liquidation Compensation

Hey Coin Collectors,

To reduce losses due to wrongful judgement or incorrect execution on futures, Coinstore is now providing liquidation compensation to Coinstore’s futures users. That would mean that any Coin Collector who suffer from liquidation when trading USDT forward perpetual swap on any exchange can reach out to Coinstore for the same amount of futures bonus compensation. Any profits from the futures bonus can be withdrawn and transferred, and all losses will be absorbed by Coinstore. Hurry up because this event is whilst stocks last only, for only the first 500 users can get this reward!

Activity Details:

I. Duration:

00:00 September 21, 2021- 23:59 September 27, 2021 (SGT)

II. How to register?

Register with the administrator by joining the @coinstore_english Telegram group.

III. Activity Details

1. Coinstore Compensates You Your Liquidation Losses

During the activity, once users provide a video of your liquidation caused by trading USDT’s forward perpetual swap before 00:00 on September 21, they will get the same amount of compensation of futures bonus on Coinstore, of up to 500USDT per user.

2. New futures accounts will be granted with a futures bonus of 100USDT

A. During the activity, new futures users can get an airdrop of futures bonus of 30USDT at 18:00 on the same day. Users can get another futures bonus of 70USDT after completing the trading and funding tasks during the activity. Each user can enjoy a futures bonus of up to 100USDT.

3. Retweet to get more futures bonus for free

During the activity, if users retweet our official tweets, they can get a futures bonus of 10USDT by providing the retweet screenshot.

Join our Telegram group to share retweet screenshots and take the reward:

All yields generated using the futures bonus can be withdrawn, and losses will be absorbed by Coinstore.

Click to check “Introduction to Futures Bonus

4. Rules of futures bonus compensation:

a. The futures bonus can be used directly in ETH’s forward perpetual swap, and the yields can be withdrawn and transferred.

b. The application amount exceeding 50USDT but less than 100USDT will be paid in futures bonus voucher with the face value of 50USDT;

c. The application amount exceeding 100USDT shall be paid a futures bonus voucher with the face value of 100USDT;

d. A single user can enjoy a futures bonus voucher with the face value of up to 500USDT;

e. The maximum face value of a futures bonus voucher is 100USDT.

f. The validity period of each futures bonus voucher is 3 days. If you have multiple futures bonus vouchers, the validity period will be marked on the cards.

IV. Futures Bonus Allocation:

The futures bonus will be granted within 5 working days after the event ends on the premise that the applicant meets the compensation conditions and completes registration.

V. Risk warning

Crypto assets are innovative investment products that are characterised by significant price fluctuations. Please judge your risk tolerance rationally and make investment decisions prudently.

Coinstore Risk Warning:

Futures trading is subjected to high market risk. Please make your investment cautiously and pay attention to related risks. Coinstore, as a trading technology service provider, does not undertake guarantees, compensation and other responsibilities of any user’s investments.

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