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Coinstore Launch Party — 9th Giveaway RESULTS

Hey Coin Collectors! We are finally back to announce the winners for our 9th giveaway that was held on 25 August 2021!

We would like to thank you all for participating and supporting us ever since we launched!

6 lucky winners will be picked randomly — 1 winner x 50 USDT , 5 winners x 10 USDT

Finally, congratulations to our following winners!

@betmengeblek (50 USDT)

@Sagarkapoor99 (10 USDT)

@idanursanti1426 (10 USDT)

@shzbit (10 USDT)

@LuckyHiragi (10 USDT)

@CompuMarinFP (10 USDT)

To those that missed this giveaway, keep a lookout on our social sites for upcoming giveaways!

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