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Coinstore New Product Launch: Futures

Hey Coin Collectors!

Coinstore is ecstatic to announce that we are launching a new product: Futures; simultaneously with this month’s agenda: Coinstore’s Launch Party 🎉

Together with this joyous occasion of our official launch, we thought it would be a great way to give back to our fellow Coin Collectors with a new product in which you can get a bang for your buck! 💰💰💰

What is Crypto Futures Trading?

Crypto futures trading is different from spot trading in the sense that you do not need to own the underlying asset, which is the cryptocurrency. Instead, you buy or sell contracts that represent the value of a specific cryptocurrency, which would be sold in the future (hence, futures…). This means that the contract is designed to follow the price of the cryptocurrency, regardless of whether the price rises or drops. As such, any profits or loss is dependent on your prediction accuracy of the future value of the cryptocurrency.

What are some benefits of Crypto Futures Trading?

Crypto futures contracts provide traders with some protection against volatility and disadvantageous price movements of the underlying cryptocurrency. These contracts also allow traders to speculate on the future prices of the specific cryptocurrency.

With that said, crypto futures contracts allow you to make money and profit from the price volatilities of cryptocurrencies. Regardless of price increases or decreases of the specific asset, you will be able to freely participate and “bet” on the prices of the cryptocurrencies.

What Type of Crypto Futures Does Coinstore Offer?

Coinstore currently offers perpetual USDT-Margined Futures Contracts, which are paid in USDT.

Characteristics of perpetual USDT-margined future contracts:

  • Duration: No expiration
  • Benefits: Awesome liquidity, convenient and suitable for beginners to use and understand
  • Drawbacks: Additional costs incurred due to funding fees

However, if you would like to impose an expiry date or duration to your futures contract, Coinstore also provides a feature for that, head over to for more information!

To Conclude

With that said, futures trading are a lucrative source of profit if you possess the necessary knowledge and skillsets for risk management so that you can avoid massive losses. Hence, it is very important for you to strategise and do your research on the disadvantages and advantages of futures before you start trading!

Hop over to Coinstore’s app, available on both IOS and Android to start trading futures now!

iOS AppStore

Google PlayStore

Risk Warning:

Perpetual Trading is high-risk trading action. With a higher potential profit, you will be exposed to greater risk. Therefore, investors should fully understand the risk factor and only proceed with caution. Coinstore assumes no liability for any loss or damage caused by your use of any Coinstore services or your unawareness of the risks associated with Digital Assets or your use of Coinstore Services.

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