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Coinstore — The World’s First Exchange with No Trading Fees

In 2021, the global crypto-asset market has been developing on a magnificent scale. According to a report released by tokeninsight, in the first quarter of 2021, the total spot trading volume of the entire crypto-asset market hit a single-quarter high, reaching 14 trillion USD, exceeding the trading volume for the entire 2019, and is equivalent to 66.4% of 2020’s trading volume (estimated 21.08 trillion USD). Cryptocurrency is gradually becoming a mainstream asset. Coinstore, a world-leading cutting-edge crypto-asset centralised exchange (CEX), emerged against this backdrop. Standing out against other exchanges in the industry, Coinstore entered the market by boldly launching a 90-day no trading fee for crypto spot trading, considered the world’s first in the industry.

Coinstore — a world-leading crypto-assets exchange

Established in Singapore in 2020, Coinstore currently provides spot exchange and derivatives trading services of crypto-assets including BTC, ETH and LTC to global users, with a focus on Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. The senior management team is composed of fintech professionals from several world-leading blockchain companies such as Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, and FTX.

Since its beta launch in April 2021, Coinstore has accumulated more than 110,000 registered users in just two months, with over 60% users completing advanced KYC, likely due to a wide variety of crypto-assets and trading pairs on the exchange. Currently, Coinstore has listed more than 30 mainstream/popular tokens such as BTC, ETH, UNI, SUSHI, and BAKE, grouped into four trading sectors, namely “DeFi”, “POW”, “POS”, and “NFT”.

After several rounds of testing and releases, the Coinstore app is officially released on the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. In the coming weeks, Coinstore plans to integrate a brand-new NFT trading market that will realise a range of real-world possibilities for virtual assets, creating new opportunities and income sources for creators in the fields of games, arts, sports, and technology.

The world’s first exchange with no spot trading fees

As a gesture of appreciation to new and existing users for their trust and support, Coinstore will provide all users with a “90-day zero-fee spot trading card” claimable from 30th June 2021.

For existing users: Existing users who have completed registration in Coinstore can obtain a “90-day zero-fee spot trading card” by logging into Coinstore app or web platform, and activate the card by completing a spot trade of any amount within 24h.

For new users: New users can download and register an account in Coinstore, and log in to obtain a “90-day zero-fee spot trading card”. They can then activate the card by completing a spot trade of any amount within 24h.

If the card activation fails (likely due to >24h activation), users can obtain another “90-day zero-fee spot trading card” by inviting 3 new users to register for Coinstore, which will be pre-activated.

The “90-day zero-fee spot trading card” is given to all users of Coinstore. Once the user activates the trading card, no spot trading fee will be charged for 90 days. Do note that the zero-fee benefits only apply to spot trades, platform fees still apply to contract trades and wallet withdrawals.

Partner with Coinstore

Coinstore believes in the core ideas of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and that blockchain technology will reshape human productivity and the future of business. Coinstore’s mission and vision is to provide safe, convenient, diversified and reliable value network services and ultimate user experience to millions of users in different countries and regions. Coinstore is still in the early stages of development and welcomes the collaboration of blockchain community leaders, industry partners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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Liu Yi Yun, Branding Executive, Coinstore

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Disrupting the crypto industry by bringing in “fun” in finance. We are your financial arcade where people see complexity, we provide clarity.

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Disrupting the crypto industry by bringing in “fun” in finance. We are your financial arcade where people see complexity, we provide clarity.

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