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Coinstore Trade Cup: The World Cup For Crypto Enthusiasts celebrates the 2022 FIFA World Cup with its very own global trading competition, the Coinstore Trade Cup.

The World Cup is here! What better way to welcome one of the biggest competitions in the world than to host one too? In the spirit of scoring goals and winning big for the glory of your team, is hosting its very own Coinstore Trade Cup, the world cup for crypto enthusiasts. The leading crypto trading platform invites everyone, football and crypto fans alike, to join this month-long trading competition that will launch throughout the World Cup season, from 20 November until 20 December. Join a team, trade to win.

What’s the Coinstore Trade Cup all about?

In one word: Winning. The Coinstore Trade Cup is all about winning. This month-long competition that will launch on the 20th of November invites traders across the globe to join the trade game as we follow the progress of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The concept is simple: join a team, trade to win. Trade more to win more.

The Coinstore Trade Cup is divided into two formats. Join as a team of up to 20 members with an elected Team Captain. Or, for more challenge and more glory (and more winnings), join the Individual category. Throughout the World Cup season (20 Nov — 20 Dec), will be announcing designated trading pairs that the competing teams or individuals will have to utilize for trading.

  • Spot trading designated currency pairs include: BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, TRX/USDT, XRP/USDT, DOGE/USDT, SHIB/USDT, USDC/USDT

Trade as much as you can during the designated period with the designated trading pair to increase your winnings. The more you trade, the larger the pool, the bigger the winnings. If either Brazil (Team category) or Germany (Individual category) wins, the prize pool to share among the contestants in the corresponding category gets larger. As promised, this Trade Cup is only about winning.

How does the Coinstore Trade Cup work?

This global competition is divided into two formats: the Team category supports Brazil while the Individual category supports Germany. The first steps are straightforward: download the app and sign up for the competition here.

During the event, users who meet the transaction threshold of the Team category or Individual category can divide the corresponding prize pool. Contestants are ranked according to the total transaction volume data of their team and the total transaction volume data of individuals (spot/contract).

  • Team Category: A team consists of up to 20 members, inclusive of a Team Captain. Only one team can be created with the same account. During the activity period, players cannot quit after joining one team, nor can they join other teams. During the Trade Cup season, each team must participate in spot/contract transactions of the designated currency pair, and meet the transaction threshold to share 220,000 USDT. If Brazil wins the championship, the total prize pool will increase by 5,0000USDT, and a maximum of 270,000 USDT prize pool can be divided.

Trade big, win big

During the competition, the trading volume of each team or individual will dictate where they land in the rewards bracket. The prize pool for either the Team or Individual category consists of the total trading amount of every contestant in the category. Depending on whether Brazil or Germany wins (fingers crossed!), the prize pool to be shared by contestants could increase. Rewards are calculated by percentage of the team/individual total trading volume vis-a-vis the entire trading volume of all participants in a category.

Team Rewards Bracket

Team Reward = (total transaction amount of a single team / total transaction amount of all teams in the file) x corresponding prize pool amount

Captain Reward = Team Reward x 30%

Individual reward = (sum of individual transaction amount/transaction amount of all team members) x Team reward x 70%

Individual Rewards Bracket

Individual Transaction Amount = Spot Transaction Amount + Contract Transaction Amount

Calculation formula: Individual reward = personal transaction amount / the sum of the transaction amount of all participating users x corresponds to the personal transaction amount prize pool

The only way is Win

On top of sharing up to 300,000 USDT, all users who successfully sign up will receive a 50 USDT denomination investment experience bonus. There will also be airdrop gifts and community perks awaiting those who join. Airdrop rewards include: investment type experience gold (5000), experience gold (5000), apple 14 pro max mobile phone 512G (1), immediate 100 USDT reward airdrop, prime free airdrop (10).

It’s not a question of whether you will win, it’s how much you will win. With the Coinstore Trade Cup, winning is guaranteed, glory is achieved. So whether you’re into crypto or into football, win this season with the Coinstore Trade Cup. More information could be found here. Join a team, trade to win.


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