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Coinstore’s Referral Giveaway!

Hey Coin Collectors,

With our Discord server being up and running for awhile now, we are READY to release a few new features in our server upgrades! For our first announcement, we have incorporated an Invite Tracker for our members to compete for a spot in the Top 3 for ‘Most Popular’ Discord Coinstore collector! The process is simple! Members will have to share their invite link to as many of their friends and family! And the top 20 members with the most number of invites by the 9th November will win 5 USDT each! As well as a bonus gift which we will announce exclusively in our post on Discord!

Here are the details!

Coinstore’s ‘Collectors Referral’ Giveaway!

The Coinstore team will be giving out prizes to 20 winners with the highest number of referrals to our server!

Date: 6th November, 12pm to 9th November, 6pm (UTC+8)

Check your rank on our leaderboard in the #🎟invites channel in our server!

Competition location: Coinstore’s Discord

Prizes: 20 winners, 5 USDT each! + a secret prize!

The results for the winners will be announced 1 working day after the event ends. See you there!


  1. Join our Discord server here:
  2. Create an invite link by clicking the ‘…’ (three dots on the top right corner, next to the ‘Coinstore Global’ heading).
  3. Click on the icon of a little person with a ‘+’ plus sign.
  4. And then ‘Copy link’ to share it with your friends in chat rooms and social media! or send them a link through your preferred platform in the options provided!
  5. Lastly, to check on your progress! You can look for the #🎟invites channel in our navigation bar. Once there, you just have to send the message/command ‘/leaderboardinvites’ and our Invite Tracker bot will display the top 10 members with the most invites! In addition, you can check the status of your invites by sending the message ‘/invites’ to the chat!

About Coinstore

It’s never too late to start diving into the world of cryptocurrency. Whether you’re young or old, a pro or a newbie, Coinstore welcomes you to our arcade where we learn together… the fun way! We make cryptocurrencies available for everyone in a sleek, exciting, and simple fashion, equipping you with experience and techniques to buy, sell and trade on the go.

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