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Coinstore’s Weekly News: 1–6 Feb📢

Hey Coin Collectors!

We are back with another week of recap on what happened in Coinstore the past week! Coinstore’s most recent events, milestones, and new coin listings will all be featured in this article. Not to forget, we also just started our Coinstore Exchange publication, head over to hit follow right now!

Let’s get into the in-depth details of the individual events right now!

‘How to Present on Crypto and Blockchain as a Rookie 101 ‘— Conducted by Liu Yi Yun, Coinstore’s Brand Marketing Executive

It has been a very busy week here at as we continue to work hard towards our goals in the new year. For our headline of the week, we recommend checking out our full guide to ‘How to Present on Crypto and Blockchain as a Rookie 101’ by our amazing Brand Executive, Liu Yi Yun!

Come along the journey as we fall into the crypto (rabbit) hole together with her! As a rookie myself I have learnt a great deal from Miss Liu since the beginning of my time here at and I highly recommend checking out her article if you’re new to the space and want to know more!

This Week’s Activities:

Airdrops & Giveaways

  1. — “Chinese New Year Trading Competition” Event (Ongoing)
    When: 1 February, 2022 18:00 to February 15, 2022 00:00 (UTC+8)

    Coinstore wishes every user Gong Xi Fa Cai & a Happy Chinese New Year. To celebrate, we are holding a “Chinese New Year trading competition’’ campaign, stand a change to win an exclusive CNY themed NFT!
    So what are you waiting for?? Let’s go, let’s go!

Dips Into Other Coinstore Snippets

  • Meet the Team!
    We are currently shining the spotlight on our passionate team members who are always hard at work here at! Check out our official Instagram account to get to know the team behind the scenes! As well as the news updates and fun crypto facts everyday of the week!
  • Coinstore: Lost in Cryptoland
    The third chapter has dropped! And if you haven’t already read the FIRST chapter of our very first webtoon series! Meet new characters and learn about crypto the fun and easy way.
    Here on our Instagram page!

Content by: Ker Ting / Coinstore Crypto Enthusiast

Any comments, tips, or projects to share with us? Just drop Ker Ting an email at Look forward to hearing more from you guys 😉

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It’s never too late to start diving into the world of cryptocurrency. Whether you’re young or old, a pro or a newbie, Coinstore welcomes you to our arcade where we learn together… the fun way! We make cryptocurrencies available for everyone in a sleek, exciting and simple fashion, equipping you with experience and techniques to buy, sell and trade on the go.

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