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Coinstore’s Weekly News: 1–7 Jan 📢

Hey Coin Collectors,

We are back with another week of recap on what happened in Coinstore the past week! Coinstore’s most recent events, milestones, and new coin listings will all be featured in this article. Not to forget, we also just started our Coinstore Exchange publication, head over to hit follow right now!

Let’s get into the in-depth details of the individual events right now!

  1. The Month of Bitcoin!

We hope the first week of the New Year has been filled with many trades and plenty of festive activities. For us at, we have started getting down to business! With a brand new year, we have been planning new content, listings and activities for you guys! As well as fresh improvements to our app and website to keep up with the demands in this year!

This week, we are celebrating the birth of Father Bitcoin! Although prices have been dropping due to the outcome of the US Federal Reserve Board’s meeting in December and a massive sell off of Bitcoin Futures. We are remaining optimistic as you never know what to expect in 2022! Having said that, we would like to remind all Coin Collectors to do your own due diligence before investing!

Alright! Now on to this week’s review!

2. This Week’s Activities:

Airdrops & Giveaways

  1. Coinstore’s “First Trade of the New Year” Giveaway
    When: 1 January, 2022–6 January, 2022

    The New Year is HERE! From the entire team at Coinstore, we wish all of you a Happy New Year filled with peace and safety! To celebrate the New Year, we will be holding a giveaway for your “First Trade of the New Year”. Get going!!! as rewards will be distributed on a first come first served basis!!!
    Earn some futures bonuses and rewards by holding and trading now!
  2. $MISA Airdrop: Hold & Trade to Win 170,000,000 $MISA Equivalent to $1 Million USDT
    When: 7 January 2021, 14:00 — 17 January 2022, 23:59 (UTC+8)
    Welcome back as we are holding another airdrop to celebrate Sangkara’s ($MISA) listing on Coinstore. $MISA has listed on Coinstore on 31st December 2021. Head over now to buy and trade $MISA on Coinstore!
    Hold and trade $MISA now to stand a chance to win a portion of 170,000,000 $MISA.
    The details of this airdrop campaign are here!

3. New Token Listings:

    Luffy was founded in August 2021 with the sole purpose of building an entire ecosystem for investors and fans alike. We aim to create a safe and exciting space for investors and fans alike with modernized tooling, advanced DeFi platforms, education, P2E gaming, metaverse, and world-class artwork as well as to help underpaid anime and manga artists. Our team is 100% committed to helping its community. Our project is built upon transparency, respect, and educating investors, whether you are a novice investor or a veteran in the crypto world; we are all here to help. Our team takes a proactive approach to keep our investors up to date with our development progress and marketing plans. We believe in fostering a positive & healthy community environment that is welcoming and friendly for everyone. We are dedicated to serving the community and educating all investors. Luffy is a registered company with an experience team that has been fully disclosed. Our goal is to provide incredible utility and tooling to the crypto space as we aim for a presence on all of the top cryptocurrency exchanges.
    Trade now:

4. Dips Into Other Coinstore Snippets

Content by: Ker Ting / Coinstore Crypto Enthusiast

Any comments, tips, or projects to share with us? Just drop Ker Ting an email at Look forward to hearing more from you guys 😉

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