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Coinstore’s Weekly News: 12–18 Nov 📢

Hey Coin Collectors,

We are back with another week of recap on what happened in Coinstore the past week! Coinstore’s most recent events, milestones, and new coin listings will all be featured in this article. Not to forget, we also just started our Coinstore Exchange publication, head over to hit follow right now!

Let’s get into the in-depth details of the individual events right now!

1. COMING SOON: Coinstore’s Exclusive Partnership With Ultra Protocol

We are pleased to announce that we are in talks for an exclusive partnership with Ultra Protocol. Ultra Protocol has a specialised multi-chain launchpad that will help with the launch of other projects. More details will soon be announced!

Stay tuned to find out more about our exclusive partnership!

In the meantime, read more about Ultra Protocol here!

2. This Week’s Activities:

Airdrops & Giveaways

  1. Coinstore’s Discord Inauguration programme!
    When: 15 November, 2021–22 February, 2022
    Recently, Coinstore launched our leveling system on our Discord server, find out more details of our leveling system here! To help you guys with gaining more experience (EXP) and leveling up, we are holding an EXP Level Boost Programme. This inauguration programme will help you be eligible for 1,625 EXP, which will bump you up to level 6, and assign you the role of a COIN COLLECTOR!
    What are you waiting for, register and level up now!
  2. 💰Exclusive Partnership: Coinstore X Ultra Protocol $5000 Giveaway
    When: 15 November, 21:00–22 November, 21:00 (UTC+8)
    We are happy to announce the launch of Ultra Protocol on Coinstore. To celebrate their launch and our exclusive partnership, we are holding a 5000 USDT giveaway in collaboration with Ultra Protocol, where 3 $ULTRA hodlers are able to win 1000 USDT, and 20 $ULTRA hodlers are able to win 100 USDT.
    Trade $ULTRA on Coinstore now to participate!
    Fill in this Google form to participate in the airdrop now!
  3. Predict the Price of $BTC: Grab a Share of 50,000 USDT Futures Bonus
    When: 18 November, 20:00–25 November, 20:00 (UTC+8)
    Have you participated in a ‘The Price is Right!’ contest? If you haven’t here is your chance and if participated in one before, it is time to put your experience to use again! Guess the price of Coinstore’s BTC/USDT futures trading pair on 26 November 2021, 16:00 (UTC+8), receive rewards if the difference of your predicted price and the actual price of BTC/USDT is within 200 USDT!
    Hurry over and guess the price now!
  4. 🕹1,500,000 MVP Launch Airdrop
    When: 19 November, 18:00–25 November, 18:00 (UTC+8)
    We are proud to announce that Coinstore has listed Microverse (MVP) on 18 November 2021. We are holding a 1,500,000 MVP airdrop for Coinstore users whenever they do spot trading on Coinstore!
    Find out more about this airdrop here, and participate now!

3. New Token Listings:

  • CROP: Farmer Doge is the first multi-dividend coin on the BSC. He will build your portfolio with exciting investments that will grow while you hold. Just by holding Farmer Doge, you’ll be able to harvest any coin on the BSC network. The team has been expertly put together, taking the best talent from some of the biggest coins launched. This is your opportunity to get in early on this project that is about to explode.
    Trade now:
  • ULTRA: Ultra Protocol Is the foundation for innovative financial services and investment. We build and support services that contribute to the growth and security of Decentralized Finance.
    Trade now:
    Shiba Lite is a community driven meme token, focused on faster transactions and lower fees than Shiba Inu. We are developing a decentralized NFT Lite Launchpad for all NFT creations. We will launch the platform with a wallet app to buy and sell NFTS. Shiba Lite will donate 50% of the dApp proceeds to a new charity every month.
    Trade now:

4. Dips Into Other Coinstore Snippets

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Sook / Coinstore Crypto Enthusiast

Any comments, tips, or projects to share with us? Just drop Sook an email at Look forward to hearing more from you guys 😉

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