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Discord Updates: Announcing New Open Chart & Ticketing Bot

Hey Coin Collectors!

As you may already know, we’ve launched our Discord server not too long ago. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve implemented another 2 bots within our server to increase engagement with our fellow users. The two bots are — the Open Chart bot and the Ticketing Bot!

The community on Discord has been increasing in numbers (more specifically, we now have 7045 members!) and we thought that it was time to buff up our server. November will be a month full of changes to Coinstore’s Discord server and we can’t wait to share them with you! Make sure to stay tuned and keep track of our progress!

Open Chart Bot

Being a crypto exchange, we found it strange that we had not implemented any crypto-related bots within our server. Hence, for the ease and convenience of our users, we have implemented an Open Chart Bot where users are able to look at the charts of certain specific tokens as and when they desire. Named Alpha, the bot that we have invited into the server includes these features:

  • Chart updates
  • Heat maps
  • Price Alerts

In order to use the bot, users will have to head to the #📈charts channel and type in the command “c [the ticker id of the crypto you would like to look at”] to view the charts. For example:


To bring up charts, use c <ticker id> <exchange> <timeframe(s)> <candle type> <indicators> <platform>. From there, it's all about customising the chart you want.

  • The following command produces an hourly BTC chart.

The following command produces an hourly ETHBTC chart from Binance with a market profile indicator from GoCharting.

  • The following command produces a 4-hour SOL chart with MACD and Money Flow Index indicators.

Ticketing Bot

Ever since we launched our Discord server, there has been tons of enquiries from users on the server itself, as well as through private messaging on Discord. We are happy with the huge influx of questions and would like to serve our users better. As such, we have implemented the Ticketing Bot for users who have any enquiries and/or require help!

To submit a ticket, users will have to head to our #🏥support channel and open a ticket! For example:

Step 1: Click the button to Open a ticket!

Step 2: Once given a ticket, click on the ticket number which would lead you to your respective channel.

Step 3: Claim your ticket by clicking on the ‘Claim’ button.

Step 4: Let us know what issues you are facing or what you need help with and we’ll be right with you!

Discord Referral Competition

Yes, you read that right! Other than the two bots that we have implemented, we are also currently hosting a Discord Referral Giveaway — Who shall be the most popular collector! Before launching the Open Chart Bot and the Ticketing Bot, we have implemented the Referral Bot for users to track their referrals! You can read more about it here.

To commemorate the implementation of bots in our server, we have hosted a Discord referral competition where 20 winners will be receiving 5 USDT each and a secret prize! Participants will have to get the highest number of referrals in order to win the competition.

Further details of the competition:

Date: 6th November, 12pm to 9th November, 6pm (UTC+8)

Check your rank on our leaderboard in the #🎟invites channel on our server

Competition location: Coinstore’s Discord

Prizes: 20 winners, 5 USDT each! + a secret prize!

Want to know more about the secret prize? Head to our Discord server to find out!

For now, we will be implementing these bots with the intention of making our server livelier to be more engaged with our users. As we have mentioned, the server will soon be undergoing big changes in the month of November and we hope that it will soon become a buzzing community that you love! Join our discord now:!

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