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💰Exclusive Partnership: Coinstore X Ultra Protocol $5000 Giveaway

Welcome Back Coin Collectors

Very soon, we have a new project Ultra Protocol, listing with us, and we are also glad to announce that we will be having an exclusive joint partnership with them. More details on their joint partnership will be disclosed later!

In the meantime, Coinstore is holding an exclusive partnership giveaway with Ultra Protocol, to commemorate and celebrate the launch of our partnership with Ultra Protocol as well as their project’s listing with us!

Let’s not wait any longer and delve right into the details of this exclusive giveaway now!

When Is The Giveaway?

15 Nov, 21:00–22 Nov, 21:00 (UTC+8)

How Can You Join?

Step 1: Join

  • Download the Coinstore application
  • Copy or record down your unique Coinstore UID
  • Download Telegram and join both @UltraSafeOfficial and @Coinstore_english telegram groups

Step 2: Buy $ULTRA

  • Buy $ULTRA through your preferred platform
  • Record or note down your transaction number

Step 3: Register Your Entry

  • Register your entry using this google form link
    *Note: You’ll need your Telegram username, transaction number and amount purchased in $USD. (Entries will all be verified)

What Can You Win?

3️⃣ x $1000 Winners: Drawn LIVE during the “Wen Tuesday AMA” 23.11 at @ultraprotocol telegram channel

2️⃣0️⃣ x $100 Winners: Winning entries drawn Tuesday 23.11.21 prior to AMA — shown during AMA

Register Now:


  • Entries are calculated automatically
  • Entrants must register their purchase via the Google Form via ULTRA or Coinstore Telegram chat
  • Any participants who fail to register, any incomplete and or incorrect detail will forfeit prize and another winner will be drawn
  • Multiple entries are allowed with no cap — THE MORE YOU BUY, THE GREATER YOUR CHANCE
  • MAJOR Prizes : 3 x $1000 Winning entries drawn LIVE on Tuesday 23.11.21 during the AMA
  • MINOR Prizes : 20 x $100 Winning entries drawn Tuesday 23.11.21 prior to AMA — shown during AMA
  • ALL winning entrants notified by direct message in Telegram and shown in Telegram Chat pinned message
  • Prizes will be transferred direct to the WINNER’S chosen wallet
  • Winners will be chosen using randomising software. Certification and timestamps will be available

Good Luck, share the joy and start inviting your friends to Coinstore NOW!!

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