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Generational Wealth Society: The Token that Secures Generational Wealth

What is GWS?

Targeting both DeFi and real-world revenue generating assets, GWS is a multi-faceted DAO designed to generate a circulating supply, build a treasury, create revenue streams, as well as develop their own layer-one blockchain. By implementing several features including a warm-up period after staking, and a sell tax that burns and returns a portion to the treasury, GWS was developed with ecosystem sustainability as its top priority. Combined with a moderately sustainable APY and fair bond rates, GWS not only drives value into the treasury, but also keeps the ecosystem in check in terms of dilution rates.

GWS Token Overview

Total Issue Supply: 60,409.354273511

Total Circulation Supply: 60,000 Listing: 13 April 2022, ___ (UTC +8)

What is the Token Utility of GWS?

As a token that aims to create generational wealth for more than a lifetime, GWS has multiple use-cases such as:

  • Developing, building, and maintaining an efficient DAO to create a large number of revenue streams which will generate profit

At the time of writing, one GWS token is valued around $17.28 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $22,764.06 USD.

A Closer Look at GWS’ Tokenomics

GWS has a total issue supply of 60,409.354273511 and a total circulation supply of 60,000. More details of GWS’s tokenomics are as such

  • 10% tokens allocated to the void
  • 10% tokens issued to treasury (8% burned, 2% used for marketing)

GWS’ Roadmap

As a progressive token that aims secure generational wealth within DeFi and the real world, Generational Wealth Society (GWS) has plotted a detailed plan of their next move. Here is a look at what they plan to accomplish in their roadmap:

  1. Building the GWS treasury to a total value of $100,000,000 to possess enough investments and passive yields to build a massive liquidity pool
  2. Building, operating, and maintaining their own layer one blockchain that integrates the GWS coin into a multiverse of decentralized applications

Users who are interested in contributing to GWS’ mission can check out GWS at from 13 April onwards!

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