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Happy Kimchi (KIMCHI) X Coinstore AMA Recap 💬

Segment 1:


These are the details of our token, $KIMCHI and its tokenomics:


Social Media

Coinstore listing

Moving on to segment 2, where the AMA host — Coinstore Una — will be asking Ridha some questions!

Segment 3, is where our community will be asking any questions they have for Happy Kimchi:

  1. Are there any new projects Happy Kimchi is working on? (Asked By: Shawntth)
    We are now in phase 2 of KimchiLab development, a DEX. And we are targeting by January 2022 to launched them. We are also working with Detik token for their NFT market place.
  2. What is Payout Currency for Staking with Kimchi/Stakeit? (Asked By: DigitalArts)
    We currently have 2 staking program.
    1. LP staking for KIMCHI/BNB LP holders : reward with $KIMCHI
    2. Liquid staking KIMCHI/USDT: reward with USDT
  3. How many kimchi will be burnt every month? (Asked By: Khalid)
    We have burned 300,000,000,000 kimchi and our second burn is 200,000,000,000 kimchi by end of this year. 5% of every transaction will be burnt.
  4. Is your project only for elite investors, what about others with small funds, is it open to everyone? (Asked By: Coco_0604)
    Our project is open to all not just any particular investor.
  5. Is now the right time to buy your tokens for long term holding and how do I want to buy Happy Kimchi ‘s tokens? (Asked By: Da Nguyen)
    Please buy them at Coinstore.
  6. How much % will your project team get from this project Happy Kimchi , what will you do with that % and do your team intend to stick with this project for a long time? (Asked By: Duno Han)
    We have locked 10% of our dev token, you check it here:
    Once unlocked, 50% will be burned, 20% will be funded for charity and 30% will be distributed to our dev team.

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