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Jupiter Finance (JFT) X Coinstore AMA Recap 💬

Welcome Back Coin Collectors,

Recently, Coinstore listed Jupiter Finance (JFT), and to help our community and JFT’s community to learn more about JFT, we held an AMA together with JFT on Coinstore’s official telegram group. During the AMA, we did an introduction on Jupiter Finance in the Coinstore community, together with Stanley, the head of digital development for Jupiter Finance, as the guest speaker and the AMA was hosted by Una from Coinstore!

P.S. Do head over to Coinstore to trade Jupiter Finance (JFT) today!

Today, we are back with another AMA recap with Jupiter Finance. There was great engagement with the community, with a total of 98 questions fielded from 35 interested users.

Now moving on to the exciting part! Here is how the AMA went! To start off this AMA, Stanley introduced himself and Jupiter Finance to the Coinstore community.

Segment 1:

Stanley’s Introduction of Himself & Jupiter Finance:

I am Stanley, the head of digital development for Jupiter Finance (@Jupiter_JFT), powered by JFT Tokens. We are building the first multi-chain gateway to the entire crypto market. Our project’s basic utility is based on the development of a protocol that can aggregate liquidity from every CEX, DEX, and swap pool into one decentralized platform, which are all Powered by JFT Tokens for governance.

Jupiter Finance is basically a cryptocurrency entity on its own because we are developing various products ranging from:
• Crypto exchange — AMM
• DEX / CEX and aggregator
• Synthetic exchange — Synthetic aggregator and exchange
• NFT marketplace — buy, sell, auction NFT.
• Staking, borrowing and lending assets
• Escrow services

As the project grows, we have a plan to launch our own blockchain and step into the traditional market. We are currently on schedule and already developing our SWAP Exchange JupiterSWAP!

Our crypto exchange will power an AMM platform that enables JFT holders to swap JFT to various other assets that are powered by an API that enables cheaper swap rates. Gas and governance will also be redeemed on our crypto AMM with the utility of JFT tokens. We are now at the final stages of our AMM development. The basic advantages of holding JFT is in sight and holders can start mining benefits!

I will now briefly explain what each of our products will contribute to our robustly thought out ecosystem.

After the launch of our AMM exchange, which is precisely scheduled for a release in October, we will soon be releasing an AMM DEX which will enable JFT holders on the traditional angle to trade JFT for other assets.

Our synthetic exchange services will also incite attention & participation from crypto hedge funds and institutional ForeX investors to Jupiter Finance’s unified multi-blockchain trade service. With due time, we hope to launch an NFT marketplace that enables artists and media geniuses to publish their NFT art. All redeemable for JFT OR BNB!

So far so good, it’s been a progressive journey, as we are a startup powering better each day. We have a plan to launch our own blockchain and also step into the traditional market. We currently also have a liquidity pool housing over 20 BNB as we speak on Pancake Swap.

(Jewel FK) To add with Stanley, Now NFT is the craze in the DeFi marketplace. We believe very soon the attention will be taken over by tokenization of the traditional market. Forex, commodity, stocks, real estate and other assets of traditional markets will be coming on blockchain as synthetic assets. Jupiter Finance will be a pioneer platform to accommodate them.

Moving on to segment 2, where the AMA host — Coinstore Una — will be asking Stanley some questions!

Host: Why is JFT creating an aggregator? Why not your own exchange?
Being able to tokenize an avenue for traders to trade easily is something that will have guaranteed value. An aggregator harmonises price data from major exchanges (DEXes and CEXes) across a multi-functional multi-chain API which will support many blockchain infrastructures. This type of exchange will give traders a choice to decide where they would like to swap or trade their assets based on the best gas prices based on demand.

Host: What does zero risk mean as mentioned on the website?
Jupiter Finance combines centralized and decentralized liquidity from major exchanges to provide comprehensive trading capabilities in one single, easy-to-use UI. This makes the whole system circulatory. The risk factor is so low with JFT tokens as there is a deflationary 1.1% tax, 1% burn and 0.1% deduction each time a token moves. This goes to a smart contract for auto liquidity creation.

Host: What JFT services will be given on your blockchain assets?
At the moment, we are launching on the most common blockchains like BEP20 and a swap-bridge is also coming up on the AMM crypto exchange, which we are coming to in a near time release. This bridge will also enable a cross-functional blockchain swap, which is important to mention.

Segment 3, is where our community will be asking any questions they have for Jupiter Finance:

  1. Revenue is an important aspect for all projects in order to survive and keep the project / company up and running. What is #JFT 😎 way of generating profit / revenue? What is the income model? (Asked By: jikroy)
    Well, I can tell you that we are registering our company soon and will be sure to publish it when it’s done. Our company is on its way towards building a decentralized gateway to the digital asset market and we have audited our smart Contract by SolidityFinance. Our layer 2 solution will give traders access to deep, cross-chain liquidity in one location, spanning DEXs, CEXs, and swap pools, allowing them to get the best price without ever having to give up their assets. JFT aims to unify the fragmentation of crypto markets, NFTs marketplaces, and traditional financial assets by bringing them all together in one place: the JFT Terminal.
    Along with other blockchains solutions built on JFT, we will be having over eighteen revenue sources for the protocol even from real estate and transport.
  2. Are you planing more partnerships with strong projects? (Asked By: Cryptoc HR)
    Hi CryptoC, thanks for your question. Well, yes in some ways already. I may not have mentioned this, but I am the elected CEO of @nairax. Partnered with Jupiter Finance early to see it sail to greater heights and on time. We are making headway towards partnering with other high-end players in DEFI. You can bet on that!
  3. When will NFTs be available for buy, sell, auction? (Asked By: Khalid)
    Hello Khalid. Great one. NFT may be released in March or April 2022. This will be the final deployment of project Jupiter Finance, to give appreciable spacing for the development of other subsequent releases like the aggregator and the synthetic exchange
  4. Where will JFT be listed next? (Asked By: Mehrin Hafsa)
    Stanley: Our next project in line is the aggregator. For now, we are almost done with developing our crypto AMM SWAP Exchange.
  5. What are some ways we can do to generate $JFT? Can I mine it? If I can buy it, where can I buy it? Is it already in the market? (Asked By: Nobita Rani)
    You can generate JFT directly on Coinstore Exchange by buying before M🌕🌕N on Coinstore (JFT/USDT) or at PancakeSwap. Holders will soon be able to earn more from staking fees and LPs on our very own JupiterSwap.

Hope you had a better idea and understanding of the Jupiter Finance project and you can head over to Coinstore’s website now to start trading now!

To conclude

These are the questions we managed to answer during the AMA amongst the many other questions that were asked because there were simply too many questions from you guys (do keep them coming in!!). We will be happy to answer any other questions you guys have in our telegram channel, so do head over and join our community today! 🤗

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Disrupting the crypto industry by bringing in “fun” in finance. We are your financial arcade where people see complexity, we provide clarity.

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