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MandoX Token: The Charitable Token That Helps Those In Need

What is MANDOX?

As a charitable token based in Guatemala, MANDOX is constantly in pursuit to help those in need. With 2% of every transaction directed to a Missions wallet, MANDOX is able to extend its reach in the fight against poverty and aid the unfortunate. This grants its holders an opportunity to lend a helping hand and view the results of their contributions while enjoying crypto to the fullest. Not only does MANDOX change lives drastically, but the project also brings financial freedom to beginners in the crypto space, making your crypto journey with them a fulfilling one.

MANDOX also aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and NFTs, giving crypto artists and enthusiasts a space to explore and venture deep into the cryptoverse by marketing their NFTs.

MANDOX Token Overview

Total Issue Supply: 50,000,000,000,000

Total Circulation Supply: 15,000,000,000,000

Transaction Tax: 8% (2% of each transaction is redistributed to MANDOX’s pool of holders, 1.5% is redistributed to its Missions Wallet, 1.5% is allocated to Marketing, and 3% is issued to the Liquidity Pool)

Market Cap: $322,395 USD

Launch Date: 26 November 2021 Listing: 13 April 2022, (UTC +8)

What is the Token Utility of MANDOX?

As a charitable token that strives to lend a helping hand to those in need, MANDOX has multiple use-cases such as:

  • Artists being able to market their NFTs and music by purchasing $MANDOX
  • Fighting poverty and assisting the unfortunate using 1.5% of every transaction

At the time of writing, one MANDOX token is valued at $0.00000000001775~USD, with a trading volume of $24,266.09 USD.

A Closer Look at MANDOX’s Tokenomics

MANDOX has a total issue supply of 50,000,000,000,000 and a total circulation supply of 15,000,000,000,000. More details of MANDOX’s tokenomics are as such:

  • 70% of tokens are burned

For every transaction, 2% is deducted and redistributed to MANDOX’s pool of holders, 1.5% is issued to their Missions Wallet, 1.5% is issued to their marketing Wallet, and 3% is allocated to their Liquidity Pool.

MANDOX’s Roadmap

As an ambitious token that seeks to help others, MANDOX has mapped out several thrilling milestones in order to reach its goals. Here is a look at what objectives they plan to accomplish in their roadmap:

  1. Release the first 3,000 NFTs of the ‘Discover the Mandox Collection’ and launch its NFT Platform — MANDOX CREATE
  2. Complete 5 operations with its Missions Wallet
  3. Launch their very own game named ‘MANDOX PLAY’
  4. Launch MANDOX BEATS — a music launch pad

Users who are interested in helping out the community and lending a hand to the needy can check out MANDOX at from 13th April 2022 onwards and be a part of this charitable project!

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