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OJA Coin: A high-speed, cost-friendly & sustainable blockchain

What is OJA Coin?

OJA Blockchain as Platform Loyalty Solution seeks to revive the ailing Loyalty program industry with the strengths of blockchain technology. As blockchain brings about disruptive and transformational changes in how information gets recorded and accessed, the decentralized approach to handling data eliminates the need for a trusted central managerial authority.

The OJA Loyalty platform leverages various advantages of blockchain technologies and enables the distribution of loyalty points through OJA Coin (OJX). The OJA coin ecosystem brings loyalty programs ‘live’ in digital wallets, ensuring transparency of OJA Coin across the entire network.

OJX Token Overview

Total Supply: 720,000,000 OJX

Total Circulation:321,581,750

Coinstore Trade Time: 17 June 2022 15:00 (UTC+8)

Coinstore Withdrawal Time: 18 June 2022 15:00 (UTC+8)

Token Utility of OJA Coin

Transferable rewards

Customers can transfer OJA coins between other members, thereby utilizing coins rather than not using them and increasing liabilities on the providing organization.

Real-time coin credits

Customers can earn points in real-time on their spending and can view it in their digital wallets. Being real-time, it makes the coin redeemable if the loyalty program provider permits.

OJA Coin as a loyalty reward

Loyalty rewards are in the form of OJA Coin and each participant merchant can set their own reward’s business logic values based on their respective FIAT value. OJA Coin (OJX) as the rewards itself to extend its utility as payment, store of value, and can be transferred and exchanged. The number of OJA coins gets updated by the platform onto each participant’s ledger and is transparently available across the network.

How does the OJA Program benefit the Customer?

Greater earning and redemption opportunities

Customers earn more rewards across various merchants with a wider redemption opportunity across leading brands on the OJA partner platform.

Transferable rewards

Customers get flexibility by transferring their OJA loyalty points among their friends, and it helps to snap good deals at the right time.

Easier tracking of rewards

A single wallet allows for efficient tracking and redemption of loyalty points across the OJA loyalty network rather than points staying in multiple silos and expiring.

Real-time reward credits

Customers gain a memorable and richer experience with loyalty rewards available instantly in their digital wallets.

Advantages of OJA blockchain

World-class security

OJA offers a comprehensive collection of best practices to prevent, identify, and react to cyber-attacks. OJA blockchain utilizes the Xevan hashing algorithm, which is a framework for enhancing critical infrastructure cybersecurity. This hash function is based on a unique combination of two X17 algorithms with a 128-bit header.

The fast transaction with a low transaction fee

With OJA blockchain technology, payment is received in real-time. Thanks to its ultrafast OJA Network, the transaction process can be confirmed with an average of 45 seconds which only costs a fraction with an average 0.0001 OJA fee.

Tecnical spesifications

OJA Blockchain currently has the following specifications, with more enhancements currently under development.

OJA Coin’s Coinomics

66.65% Total supply available for public mining

15% Total supply for trading/staking rewards

6% Total supply for partner/loyalty rewards

5% Total supply for project development/team

3% Total supply for future project reserve

2% Total supply for bounty & airdrops

1% Total supply for foundation

1% Total supply for stakeholders

0.35% Total supply for the ICO

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