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Roniks (RNK) X Coinstore AMA Recap 💬

Welcome Back Coin Collectors,

Just last week, Coinstore listed Roniks, and to give our community and RNK’s community to a better introduction about RNK, we held an AMA together with RNK on Coinstore’s official telegram group. During the AMA, we gave an introduction on Ronik’s project, together with Joel Bliz, the Marketing Manager of Roniks, as the guest speaker and the AMA was hosted by Una from Coinstore!

P.S. Do head over to Coinstore to trade Roniks (RNK) today!

And, we are back again with another AMA recap with Roniks. We received overwhelming response from the community, with a total of 215 questions fielded from 150 interested users.

Now moving on to the exciting part! Here is how the AMA went! To start off this AMA, Joel introduced himself and Roniks to the Coinstore community.

Segment 1:

Joel’s Introduction of Himself & Roniks:
My name is Joel Bliz the marketing manager of Roniks coin. Roniks is a community driving deflationary token powered by a block chain eco-system designed for the global community in the rise of economic hardship. Roniks was designed in a way that all holder’s instantly receive daily rewards just by holding.


Roniks has been designed in a way it will curb fraud, account transfer, transaction failure which are the main problems that blockchain systems are currently facing. There will be a strongly encrypted technology that will be put in place to safeguard every transaction against fraud and account transferring which guarantees inventors privacy.

Roniks also has a live transaction history which contains confirmation and transaction ID which is linked to the public ledger that serves as the receipt of any transactions made in the wallet. Additionally, 20 million of the 50 million total supply will be used as pre-sale, for accountability and fairness the pre-sale will take place on DxSale.

Roniks Use Cases:

  • International trading and transaction flow
  • Land and properties
  • Financial Assets
  • Technology services
  • New crypto jobs
  • Peer to peer (P2P) transactions
  • Online shopping


Currently we are in our partnership stage. We’ve just concluded partnership with NULS and we are in search with other crypto companies for partnerships. Roniks holder’s will be able to stake Roniks and receive NULS in return in a month time as they will be able to stake their tokens on the NULS platform.

The team, is currently in talks with Hotbit Listing management and we’ve finalized the listing agreement which means in a few weeks time Roniks will be listed on Hotbit.

Token Utility

We also have a broad and wonderful utility for our token so as to safeguard Roniks’ investor’s security. Roniks is a revolutionary token that will bring everyone to the highest degree of accountability. Above anything else, the most critical application of Roniks technology is to guarantee the validation of transactions by recording it in a distributed mechanism.


We are also currently in talks with CERTIK for auditing, in which the team believes it will safeguard the investors. This company is preferred by many market leaders because of its transparency and proof engine verification tools that makes the platform more scalable and secure.


With each transaction performed a fee of 6% will be deducted:

  • 2% will go to marketing
  • 2% will automatically be distributed to holder’s
  • 2% will be auto burned.

The team has also put in place some buy-back mechanism, we’ve done serious research in the crypto space and we’ve got to understand that investor’s always like it when tokens are burn so as to give the circulatory supply more value. The team has prepared this mechanism to buy some tokens back from the community monthly to burn them. So with this wonderful mechanism, we are optimistic that the value of our coin will increase daily irrespective of the market downtrend.

Moving on to segment 2, where the AMA host — Coinstore Una — will be asking Joel some questions!

Host: Can you briefly introduce RONIKS? What are the highlights of RONIKS?

A deflationary utility token with strongly encrypted technology.
A token with strong security to safeguard investor’s.
A token where investor’s are rewarded for holding.

Segment 3, is where our community will be asking any questions they have for Roniks:

  1. Partners are very important for every project today, may I know which partners you have now? and which partners in the future you will be heading to? (Asked by: [SYG] J602)
    As I mentioned earlier, we’ve already partnered with NULS coin. So Roniks users will be able to stake Roniks and receive NULS in return. We are currently in talks with other big crypto companies but when the partnership isn’t sealed we can’t be announcing them.
  2. Most of the new investors, only focus on the price of the token, and the short term benefits of the project rather than understanding the true value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your tokens long term? (Asked by: radusch)
    Thanks for this wonderful question. We announced our pre-sale about a few days ago and we noticed it wasn’t as effective as expected and we couldn’t reach our hard cap. I woke up on a morning and something began to ring on my head that investors are only after short term projects so as to make money. That is why we’ve decided to make as many partnerships as we can so investors can be rest assured that holding Roniks is gold that they can’t afford to sell prematurely. Moreover the mechanism of our daily rewards, rewards people that holds which means a holder can be getting a daily livelihood just by holding the coin.
  3. Do token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project? (Asked by: Hermila Schuster)
    We are operating a decentralized system that the community has a say on whatever is going on in the community. In months time we will be organizing a governing body and the community members will be appointed to make decisions arising in the community. The system will be decentralized that I myself won’t be able to make a decision without the governing body.
  4. Is your project only for elite investors, what about others with small funds, is it open to everyone? (Asked by: Senator Blevins)
    Our project isn’t for the elite as we’ve provided some anti-whale mechanism. Each wallet is restricted to make a transaction higher than 100k Roniks so rest assured that no whales will dump on you.
  5. Non-crypto users are very important for mainstream adoption. How you are planning to attract non-crypto users towards your project? Are there any upcoming partnerships that will bring non-crypto users and real-use case? (Asked by: Carma Vanmeter)
    We understand the fact that non crypto users or the unlearned people has been abandoned in the era of cryptocurrency so our system and marketing structure has put in some strategies in balance to onboard these people. Read our whitepaper to know more on this

Hope this AMA gave you a better idea and understanding of Roniks’ project and you can head over to Coinstore’s website now to start trading!

To conclude

These are the questions we managed to answer during the AMA amongst the many other questions that were asked because there were simply too many questions from you guys (do keep them coming in!!). We will be happy to answer any other questions you guys have in our telegram channel, so do head over and join our community today! 🤗

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