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🧾Round-Up of Coinstore’s Launch Party Giveaway —4 August

Welcome Back Coin Collectors!

Here is another brief summary of what went on for our launch giveaway on 4 August!

Our grand winner for the 50 USDT giveaway is!! 🥳

So here are the questions and his responses when we interviewed him about the 50 USDT giveaway!

  1. How did you first learn about Coinstore?
    First I used Coinstore in early July when there was a Kitty event. That’s why I invited my friends to join Coinstore as well.
  2. What is your first reaction when you found out you had won 50 USDT from us?
    The first time I saw the Coinstore I wasn’t sure about this market. When I tried to follow the event, it turned out that Coinstore was really an extraordinary market in terms of events and friendly telegram group admins. When I emailed I was shocked and happy because I saw a 50$ gift for me it was very valuable!
  3. What will you be doing with the 50 USDT? What are some coins you would like to purchase?
    With the gift given by the Coinstore worth 50USDT, I will buy KOM coins for future investment.
  4. How is your experience in using Coinstore’s services?
    Input for Coinstore to grow fast. In the case of withdrawals, the confirmation is not yet automatic, it is still manual. Hopefully in the future Coinstore can overcome that and become the best market compared to other markets.

Hope that you can be just like him? Hurry over to our Twitter account and retweet and fill up a Google Form to participate now!! 💰💰

P.S. We regularly have giveaways and airdrops, so do remember to follow us and turn on our notifications 😉

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