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🐶 Shiba Lite (SHIBLITE) X Coinstore AMA Recap 💬

Hey Coin Collectors,

Welcome back to another of Coinstore’s AMA recaps! Coinstore held an AMA in collaboration with one of our newly listed project party on Coinstore, Shiba Lite (SHIBLITE). During this AMA, we gave a deeper introduction and rundown of the Shiba Lite project, so our community can have a better understanding of the project. Held on Coinstore’s official telegram group, the CEO and co-founders of Shiba Lite, as the guest speakers for the AMA, as well as Nicole and Una from Coinstore as hosts.

P.S. Do head over to Coinstore to trade Shiba Lite (SHIBLITE) today!

We are happy that during this AMA recap with Shiba Lite, we received an overwhelming response from the community.

Now moving on to the exciting part! Here is how the AMA went! To start off this AMA, the CEO and co-founders of Shiba Lite introduced themselves and Shiba Lite project to the Coinstore community.

Segment 1:

Introduction of Shiba Lite’s Core Members & Shiba Lite as well as Some Questions the Host Has for Shiba Lite:

Cj On Crypto: Hello, I am one of the co-founders, today we have: the Smilebot Cofounder, the Bswag Cofounder. I manage the teams business relations as well as the projects scope and receivables.

Smilebot Da Memeist: Why hello there, I’m Smilebot — I’m an #NFTartist and project manager and charity lover.

Cj On Crypto & Smilebot Da Memeist: Shiba Lite is a community driven meme token, focused on faster transactions and lower fees than Shiba Inu.

We are developing a decentralized NFT Lite Launchpad for all NFT creations. We will launch the platform with a wallet app to buy and sell NFTS. Shiba Lite is very generous and will donate 50% of the dApp proceeds to a new charity every month.

Yes, we are a group of friends and developers that came together to serve the community. We all met in Surge Inu, but we didn’t agree with the direction of the project. We wanted a project that includes the small holders in the project. We believe a lot of small holders makes a strong community.

Smilebot is also a charity organizer and we wanted to make sure we change the world and make it a better place at the same time. We all have fun throughout the process.

We also did a free tokens for veterans initiative where any veteran, from all over the world, gets free tokens with no purchase necessary. We aren’t done yet tho! We have already raised 7 BNB for this month’s charity from NFT sales!

Host — Nicole: So this has been one of your roadmap’s success that your group have managed to achieve or you have set a higher goal? And are there other future plans?

Cj On Crypto & Smilebot Da Memeist & Amit: Yes, we are currently in phase 3 of our V1 Roadmap, which includes major milestones such as LiteLaunch, a decentralized NFT platform where you can stake NFTs to earn residual SHIBLITE.

We will also be donating 50 % of our profits to a new charity every month, with Smilebot as our charity organizer. We have also been ramping up our marketing, via all major social media networks. Currently working on building relationships and partnerships with both influencers and artists. We have been received well by the crypto community and are growing organically. The team is working on a lot behind the scenes.

We are also going to release a V2 roadmap Q2 next year, which will include P2E game and Metaverse integration. Play to earn game, with Meta verse integration. This one is our big upcoming announcement ✅ A CoinStore AMA exclusive!

Host — Nicole: Just curious, how do you source for the types of charity to donate to? Because there are many out there right?

Cj On Crypto & Smilebot Da Memeist & Amit: The community decides what charity each month from a voting system

The LiteLaunch will allow users and holders to stake their NFTS. We are also really proud to be partnered with CoinStore. Especially because we feel you are branching out into all the up and coming countries for crypto. Although global, some countries are quicker at adsorption and it looks like CS is already laying down the foundation’s

Just wanted to share this time is very hard working and have alot in the pipeline, but careful not to say too much in advance. So please do trust in the project and those that hold, will most certainly benefit financially as well as contribute to many charitable organisations 🙏

Segment 2, is where our community will be asking any questions they have for Shiba Lite:

1. There are so many investors that just focus on the price of token in the short term period instead of real technology of the project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors of your project in the long term? (Asked By: Michael)
Yes on our NFT platform, you will be able to stake our NFTs and earn Free SHIBLITE. Payments in SHIBLITE will be accepted for NFTS. CHECK OUT OUR NFT COLLECTION

The tokenomics reward holding. There is also future utility as the community grows. With our fast transaction speeds and ultra low fees, we can very easily integrate into future payment gateways. As well as benefits for NFTs and dedicated wallet and Litelauch pad.

2. Do you have any plan to bridge with Matic or any other chain? (Bolks Ray)
Polygon, ETH, BSC will easily be bridged with others eventually

3. Hi there @Cjoncrypto , @SmilebotLite, @AmitNZ and @therealbswag. Does your whole team already doxxed? Where can we see the description of every member of the team? (Asked By: Troy)

4. Can you give us the highlights of the amazing features your project has that makes you stand out among your competitors and will attract crypto users to choose you? (Asked By: Shahin Sha)
Faster than Shiba Inu, lower transaction fees than Doge. And only started this year so the gains are just about to start 🙂 Mint, rarities, wallet with viewer, NFT bridge, NFT staking.

Very happy you went through this AMA and it gave you a better idea and understanding of Shiba Lite’s project and you can head over to’s website now to start trading!

To conclude

These are the questions we managed to answer during the AMA amongst the many other questions that were asked because there were simply too many questions from you guys (do keep them coming in!!). We will be happy to answer any other questions you guys have in our telegram channel, so do head over and join our community today! 🤗

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