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📒Tutorial On How To Use Coinstore Futures Bonus 💰

Hey Coin Collectors,

To encourage and allow more new futures users to have the best professional experience with futures trading on Coinstore, Coinstore is distributing futures bonus (as you might have already heard) as rewards to newly registered futures users as well as other eligible users during the event period. These users will be able to use the futures bonus for futures trading (only) on Coinstore, and enjoy zero-costs futures trading!

Any profits earned from the futures bonus can be withdrawn and transferred, and any losses will be fully absorbed by Coinstore.

And here is a tutorial on how you can use the futures bonus and how you can do futures trading on Coinstore:

How to Use Futures Bonus:

Method 1:

A) Once you receive your futures bonus in your account, the following interface will be displayed when you log into your Coinstore account:

Method 1:

B) Click “Use it now” button shown above, to display all unused futures bonus (Not Used) in your account as well as the date available for use.

Method 2:

A) Alternatively, you can click on the “Futures” tab to enter the futures trading interface.

Method 2:

B) Select the token you want to trade.

Method 2:

C) Click on the “Red Envelope” icon at the bottom right of the interface.

Method 2:

D) After entering the futures bonus interface, select the futures bonus coupon you would like to use and click “Use it now”.

How To Do Futures Trading On Coinstore:

1. After selecting the futures bonus you would like to use, the futures trading interface will display the futures bonus you selected.

2: Select “Buy” or “Sell”

Buy: Trading Long Position Futures
Sell: Trading Short Position Futures

3: Select order type:

4: Types of Orders:

Limit order: Enter your expected specific strike price, at which you would like the order to be executed at (not a guaranteed execution)

Market order: An order placed directly on the best available strike price in the current market

5: Finally, click “Buy/Long”

  • * Note: Only users with advanced KYC verification can use the trial fund. In a single order, the futures bonus and your futures balance cannot be used together. For orders using the futures bonus, the system will automatically close the position within 24 hours after a successful position opening. If you need to close the position by yourself, please operate in advance. The futures bonus is valid once and cannot be used repeatedly.

Hope you have a better idea on how to use the futures bonus reward. If you still have any queries on how to do futures trading, do not hesitate to contact or communicate with us on our telegram group (linked down below) with our community manager! 😉

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