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Why Choose Coinstore?

Recently hopped onto the trend of cryptocurrency trading? But still unsure of which crypto exchange to start trading on, or which exchange is the best one for you?

Here’s a quick comparison between the different crypto exchanges out there, so you can choose the best one that suits your needs!

Why should you choose Coinstore as your preferred cryptocurrency exchange?

1. LOW Trading Fees

All crypto exchanges levy various trading fees, some even offer different UI with different transaction fees. Although these trading fees seem to be minute, they will add up with multiple small transactions being made or when large amounts of cryptos are purchased.

We are pleased to inform you: Spot Trading on only has a 0.2% Maker or Taker Fee. Yup! Plus, for the first 90 days, we are running a promotion: 100% trading fee offset! This means you do not need to pay any trading fees for the first 90 days!

2. Easy-to-Use User Interface

As mentioned previously, many exchanges offer two types of user interfaces with different transaction fee charges. For example, a simple mode (easy-to-use interface) charges higher transaction fees. On the other hand, the expert mode (more technical and difficult to navigate, more for seasons traders), charges lower trading fees as an advantage.

Fortunately, with Coinstore in the market, trading cryptocurrencies would be a game-changing experience for newer or less seasoned traders. Coinstore features an easy-to-use interface for a pleasant experience without the need to pay any transaction fees at all.

3. Low Withdrawal Fees

Every exchange does impose withdrawal fees, we are fully transparent about it and there are no hidden fees. Check out the withdrawal fee for each token in “Withdraw” when you want to withdraw crypto or simply just head over to to check out our list of withdrawal fees!

4. Huge Variety of Listed Cryptocurrencies

Coinstore currently has over 30 listed cryptocurrencies on our platform, and that’s not all because we are doing our best and adding more cryptocurrencies to our platform every day! Many exchanges out there do not even have that many cryptocurrencies listed. This makes Coinstore one of the best exchanges with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for you to diversify your portfolio!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Coinstore to find out more, or download our app that’s available for both apple and android users on AppStore or GooglePlay now:

iOS AppStore

Google PlayStore

Get ready because you are going to be launched into the Coinstore’s world of financial freedom with low transaction fees, low withdrawal fees, an easy-to-use interface and a plethora of cryptocurrencies available for you to trade with!

See you on the other side 😉

About Coinstore

It’s never too late to start diving into the world of cryptocurrency. Whether you’re young or old, a pro or a newbie, Coinstore welcomes you to our arcade where we learn together… the fun way! We make cryptocurrencies available for everyone in a sleek, exciting and simple fashion, equipping you with experience and techniques to buy, sell and trade on the go.

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