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Winners For Coinstore’s Futures Trading Bug Bounty🎉

Welcome Back Coin Collectors,

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Futures Trading Bug Bounty that was held from 10 August to 16 August 2021, 23:59!

First of all, we are very grateful that many Coin Collectors, used our futures trading platform and provided us with very useful feedback and suggestions to improve our services. In order to reward you guys, we will still be keeping our bug bounty form for futures trading open, and continue to reward you with 30 USDT futures bonus, whenever you submit a bug!

Bug Bounty Form:

Now here are the winners of the futures trading Bug Bounty!

1st: UID: 3631027XXXXXX7083
Prize: 500 USDT (100 USDT x5 Futures Bonus)
Valid bugs submitted: 3

2nd: UID: 3631027XXXXXX2147
Prize: 300 USDT (100 USDT x3 Futures Bonus)
Valid bugs submitted: 2

3rd: UID: 3631027XXXXXX0868
Prize: 100 USDT
(100 USDT x1 Futures Bonus)
Valid bugs submitted: 2

The prizes for these winners will be directly deposited into the Coinstore account of these Coin Collectors!

Hope you guys had fun with this bug bounty and we will be holding more bug bounties in the future!

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