3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Shift Your Trading to ExMarkets

There’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask after seeing a call to action that invites to join and trade on ExMarkets which is:

“Why should I use this particular trading platform instead of trading on any other vendor that’s been already established on the market?”

And really why should you? In this piece, we’re going to address this uprising objection by giving you clear statements about why we can offer more value to our customers than other trading platforms available on the market. We’re also going to be giving out some teasers on what can be expected from us in the upcoming future.

So let’s jump right at it, shall we?

Why ExMarkets?

Simply because ExMarkets is not just a standalone crypto exchange. ExMarkets is an integral part of the CoinStruction ecosystem, a crypto liquidity framework consisting of two cryptocurrency exchanges, a digital wallet and a soon-to-be-launched digital OTC desk for institutional clients and corporate investors.

We have a team of professionals who are working day and night on overcoming obstacles currently present in the crypto market in order to make the industry more efficient and a fair game for all participants.

  1. Guaranteed liquidity

If you’re a more involved member of the crypto community and have contributed to at least a few token generation events or bounty programs, it’s no secret that liquidation of these newly issued tokens can sometimes be a strenuous task.

What we do differently is we do not rely solely on placed orders of our own exchange — we integrate bids and asks of our partner exchanges connected to the CoinStruction liquidity framework to increase the thickness of the orderbooks, tighten the bid/ask spread and increase the overall market efficiency.

In this case, everybody wins: the coin project owners are satisfied that their coin is actively being traded, the trader is happy that he can execute his orders, the exchange connected to the CoinStruction liquidity is happy as its volume goes up.

Since we’re on the block, liquidity shortage is not going to be a thing anymore.

2. Performance monitoring and support

It’s no secret that more than 80% of all individuals who end up trading lose money on their accounts. Usually, it’s the result of insufficient knowledge and/or the lack of trading experience.

To put it in poker terms, some traders go on tilt after executing a couple of bad trades and then go on a streak of poor decisions and trade their portfolio down into oblivion.

Just recently we partnered with Global Traders Team and will be bringing a selection of experienced professionals on the platform to trade and coach aspiring traders how to improve their results and will provide tips on personal money management.

ExMarkets trading department will be following the performance of our users and if our algorithms identify individuals who tend to accumulate losses on a consistent basis, we will reach out to them and offer to hop on a call with one of our designated coaches to discuss their trading strategies and how to improve them.

Of course, these options will only be offered to those who will agree to it. Our goal here at ExMarkets is to establish long-term relationships with our users and help them stay in the green and outperform the market.

3. Building transparency into the architecture

To some it’s a well-known fact, to others it’s a mystery but there’s an outstanding prevalence of cryptocurrency exchanges to put an additional cost on their clients in a form of hidden fees.

Typically, trading platforms have a set percentage fee on all trading activity being executed on the exchange. Some vendors also have a separate fee for deposits and withdrawals as well.

But what is not always publicly disclosed is the way that hidden fees are integrated into the trading. A significant number of trading vendors are marking up their orderbooks by a hidden percentage to make an extra commission from facilitated trades. Most often than not, this information is not presented or known to the traders.

Here at ExMarkets and in the overall ecosystem of CoinStruction, we have a strong belief that the continuous occurrence of hidden fees and related non-transparent practices should be stopped as they are damaging the industry and stagnating development.

Therefore, we are standing by our beliefs and will not put any extra fees in a hidden format on the orders aggregated on our framework. We let our users trade crypto at the real market price.

B2B solutions at hand

While developing technology in-house can be a resource-intensive and time-consuming endeavour, it also pays its dividends. The experience gathered during the conceptualisation, development, and deployment of our products has opened multiple business opportunities.

Besides offering crypto trading on exchanges, we also can offer white-label and turnkey solutions for entities that want to have their own trading platform with real trading orders and a functioning backend engine.

Our infrastructure is built on GOLANG (Google programming language) which makes the addition of microservices on top of the existing architecture quite an easy task.

We also help token teams with orderbook management, spread monitoring, and related market-making services.

Interested in one of our b2b solutions? Drop us an email instantly and we will reach out to you.

Otherwise, follow us on Medium or on other social media channels and never miss an important announcement!

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