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How to Save Upto 85% on Binance Trading Fees

Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms in the world. By default, Binance charges 0.1% as trading fees, which is very low compared to other crypto exchanges which are charging up to 0.5% for trading fees.

So, if you are using Binance for crypto trading, you are already saving a lot on trading fees. However, we always want to save money and book more profit on our earnings, right?

3 Ways to Save on Binance Trading Fees

Here, I am going to show you some of the best hacks to save a huge chunk of amount on your trading fees.

#1 Use a Special Binance discounted link to register

Using my special discounted link, you will get 20% OFF on every transaction that you are doing on Binance. This way, you will be saving a significant portion on your trading fees. Not only that, this discount is FOREVER.

#2 Pay your trading fees in BNB

After signing up and adding funds to your Binance account, you should buy some BNB. BNB is the native token of Binance exchange that would help you save up to 25% on your trading fees. This feature can be enabled from the Binance dashboard.

#3 Level up your Binance VIP level

Binance offers a VIP program that any user can use to lower down their trading fees. This feature is best suited for those who are heavy traders, as you also need to hold a significant portion of the BNB token. You can check the Binance VIP schedule here:

If you want to learn how to execute all these steps, check out my video tutorial on the same 👇🏻

Wrapping Up

Binance is undoubtedly one of the best crypto exchanges in the world. It offers a lot more than just trading and exchanges to enable you to make more money from cryptocurrency.

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Finally, if you like this article and find it informative, do share it with your fellow crypto investors and help them save more on Binance fees.



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