CoinTent: A Sustainable Ad-Free Web

CoinTent: Ad-free across the entire web while supporting sites!

Introducing CoinTent

We started a company to help media websites a couple years ago for one simple reason: our experience with online content was broken.

Advertising made the act of reading an article or watching a video online an abysmal experience, and in a space as saturated as online media websites had two choices: find a better way to make money or continue to pump out more content with more aggressive advertisements.

We’ve worked with hundreds of websites since then to help them find alternate ways to make money. This has also helped us to understand their needs, their business models, and their way of thinking — and to broaden our perspectives to include both the consumer and website point of view.

This led us to create a new product that keeps the needs of both consumers and websites in mind to create a sustainable, ad-free web.

What is CoinTent?

CoinTent is a subscription that lets you remove ads across the entire web while still supporting sites you love. CoinTent removes ads on every site you go to, and distributes the money from your subscription to the sites you visit based on the time you spend with them.

We’re launching through Kickstarter to build a base of subscribers and create a pool from which we can start distributing funds on day one.

Learn more and check out our video on our Kickstarter page.

Why is this important?

This is a matter of life or death for many websites. Ad blockers are preventing 20% of website traffic from seeing ads — that means one-fifth of a site’s revenue is completely blocked. More and more websites are resorting to locking out readers who are blocking their ads. They can’t pay for their site’s required bandwidth, let alone for the writers and producers, if people are not supporting them.

Making sure these websites have enough money to exist is crucial, because having access to quality articles, videos, journalism, and other ad-supported content on the web is extremely important to all of us. Without these sites, the internet would not be the source of information, news, and entertainment that makes it so valuable to the world.

We’re excited to build a sustainable ad-free web and hope you’ll join us on the journey! To get in touch, reach out on Twitter @cointent or via email