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Announcement on CoinTiger Group Campaign II

Fellow CoinTiger users,

To celebrate the listing of KLEE, DOVE, KISHU, MOONPIRATE, PAWS on CoinTiger, we proudly announce that CoinTiger and projects will jointly hold a Group Campaign, where users are able to deposit one of the above tokens to get 5 tokens for free.

Detailed rules are listed as followed:

Campaign Duration:

1 June 18:00 to 8 June 18:00 (UTC+8)

Tokens participate in this Campaign:


Campaign: Deposit 1, Win 5 tokens, 10,000 USDT worth of Tokens as Reward

Campaign Requirements:

1.Total value of deposits for tokens listed above ≥ 500 USDT;

Users meet the requirement above will get rewards in proportion of 9,408,607,600,000 KLEE, 40,000 DOVE, 450,000,000,000 KISHU, 8,186,880,000,000 MOONPIRATE, 140,000,000,000 PAWS being deposited;

About KLEE

Token Introduction:Klee Kai is a community-focused decentralized transaction network. That means that KleeKai is fully decentralized and owned by its fun, vibrant community.

We welcome and embrace diverse perspectives to build Klee Kai in to the best community in crypto.

Klee Kai is born as a fair-launch, so, clearly, there are no “team tokens”.

The dev and his team bought $KLEE on the open-market, they are investors just like everybody.

Our aim is not only to give life to a “memecoin”, we are also working hard to

make $KLEE a potential coin with an actual value. This is why we decided to integrate a redistribution mechanism: all the holders are constantly earning thanks to the 2% reward

of every single buy or sell transaction.

Official Website:


Note: According to the mechanism of KLEE’s contract, by successfully Withdrawaling KLEE from their CoinTiger accounts, the users are required to pay a 2.5% of Withdrawal transaction fee. For further details regarding the mechanism of KLEE’s contract, please feel free to contact KLEE’s official team.

About DOVE

Token Introduction: DoveSwap Finance is the next generation of Automated Market Making (AMM) decentralized exchange with a deflationary governance token model. We are your go-to yield farm running on Binance Smart Chain and Pancakeswap exchange, with lots of other features that let you earn tokens.

As with the current wave of second generation yield farms, the aim is to create a perpetual deflation token, the DOVE, with a continual burn mechanism in order to field an environment that can sustain long term gains with consistently high APR for greater earnings.

Official Website:


About Kishu Inu(KISHU)

Token Introduction: Cryptocurrencies continue to draw major attention from investors, entrepreneurs, regulators, and the general public. Kishu Inu was created with the sole purpose of proving to the world that a Meme Coin or, better classified as a “Dog Coin”, could become much more than just another Meme project. Kishu was developed with a vision of truly revolutionizing the cryptosphere — in essence, to become the first Dog Meme Coin with actual value. On the surface, this is a Dog Coin, but in the “holders wallet” a different story is being told. One of the most exciting aspects of $KISHU token is the redistribution mechanism that rewards 2% of every single buy or sell transaction directly to existing holders. When investors hold Kishu, their wallet balance continues to increase automatically. The 2% distributions are calculated based on the size of the transaction and then distributed to Kishu holders proportionally to the size of the individuals holdings. Kishu Inu was fair-launched. No team tokens were given out and all team members would have to buy the $KISHU token on the open market. Within the first week of launch, Kishu became a fast-growing, diverse community working together to make Kishu the next big Meme Coin.

Official Website:


Note: According to the mechanism of KISHU’s contract, by successfully Withdrawaling KISHU from their CoinTiger accounts, the users are required to pay a 2.5% of Withdrawal transaction fee. For further details regarding the mechanism of KISHU’s contract, please feel free to contact KISHU’s official team.


Token Introduction:

MoonPirate is the world’s first deflationary governance token collaborating with real distilleries/breweries to produce real alcohol.

With the MoonPirate Governance Platform, holders will be able to vote on anything and everything MoonPirate related. From rum recipes, to beer can designs, energy drink flavours, merchandise options and even project fundamentals. It’s about giving the investors what they want as MoonPirate change the crypto game with the collision of digital world and real world!

Official Website:


Note: According to the mechanism of MOONPIRATE’s contract, by successfully Withdrawaling MOONPIRATE from their CoinTiger accounts, the users are required to pay a 4.5% of Withdrawal transaction fee. For further details regarding the mechanism of MOONPIRATE’s contract, please feel free to contact MOONPIRATE’s official team.

About PAWS

Token Introduction: PAWS’ Primary goal is to help streamline the donations towards animal shelters, conservation, and charities through a centralized platform that guarantees the authenticity of the organizations.

Official Website:


Helpful Reminder:

1.Net-buying volume = Deposits — withdraw

2. Rewards will be published 5 business days after the campaign completed .

3. To guarantee a fair competition enviorment, CoinTiger has the right to cancel reward if the user have violated campaign rules. User’s account will be frozen in severe cases.

4.Users should complete KYC on CoinTiger before receiving rewards for the campaign.

5. CoinTiger reserve the right to cancel or amend the Contest or Campaign Rules at our sole discretion.

【Related information】

1.Fee Structure

2.Trading Rules

Risk warning: Crypto-currency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. CoinTiger will make best efforts to choose high quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

CoinTiger team


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About CoinTiger

CoinTiger platform has an ecosystem that includes web, iOS, Android, and exchange service system (e.g Cryptocurrency, FIAT, Future, and Leveraged Tokens Trading, Ticker Capital, Lab, Security Alliance, Tiger Knights, IEO, Tiger Forum), and is now one of the most popular exchanges in the world, which formed sub-branches in countries such as Korea, Japan, Russia, Italy and more. CoinTiger is founded in November 2017 and has exceeded 4 million users today. CoinTiger also provides trading and investing services for 158 countries with over 100 quality assets. CoinTiger is also the first crypto exchange to implement a 100 % equity mechanism for its native TigerCash (TCH) coin. The first thing CoinTiger has done is to serve its users well and deliver secure, efficient, and reliable services with the highest level of global ecosystems, banking security, efficient and best possible product experience, easy and fast transaction services, and a 7X24 customer support team.

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