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BSC Month Series: CoinTiger AMA Recap with GDT (Gorilla Diamond Inc)

Gorilla Diamond creating a peer-to-peer service-based marketplace. Our Gorilla Diamond Token will not just be another “meme” token on the market-it will hold value, purpose,and be supported by a solid technological foundation known as the Diamond Service Market (DSM).The industries and businesses that our service-based marketplace target have market caps in the billions and are listed on the Nasdaq and NYSE.We aim to capitalize on massive amounts of market share from these established industries by allowing cryptocurrency as a form of payment and by securing the transaction for both parties through the use of smart contracts. The platform that we are creating has the potential to generate millions upon millions of dollars in revenue. We will be distributing a portion of this revenue to Gorilla Diamond Token holders through a profit-sharing system. The percent of profits that each holder will receive has yet to be determined, but it will most likely be based on the amount of GDT that an investor is holding.While we will accept a wide variety of crypto as payment on our platform to ensure a thriving marketplace,we will only be sharing our revenue with our shareholders. We will also incentivize the use of GDT as payment on the platform through things such as discounts and exclusive features.

Session1: QA with the Project representative

Q1. Is GDT Legit?👏👏👏

Gorilla Diamond Inc. is a registered corporation in Canada. We have posted all our company information public on our website. Our team is doxed and transparent. We hold weekly AMA’s and are happy to chat anytime.🙌

Q2. Have you been Audited?

We have had a FULL audit done by Techrate and it passed with great results. You can find our Audit here:

Or directly with Techrate here:

Q3. Is GDT on any exchanges??

GDT is already listed on Coin Tiger and we have plans this month to release on at least 1 or 2 more large exchanges. We have plans to list on exchanges in the top 30 world-wide.

Q4. What are your future plans as a company?

GDT plans to create its own unique peer-to-peer service platform. We are also talking to multiple companies to create long-lasting partnerships. We plan to expand appropriately and accordingly for our community. As these deals are confirmed, they will be updated in our weekly AMA’S.

Q5. What is GDT’s use case?

GDT is creating a peer-to-peer based service-market that will reward GDT holders per transaction made on the platform. This reward will be in addition to the 6% reflection. We plan to follow this model with all our future developments and projects. The potential of earning is endless.

Session 2: Open Questions by the Community

Q1. What is your future planning or strategy with respect to compete with growing projects on Binance smart chain?

Our company operates differently. The majority of tokens released in the market only allow the investor to make money when the price of the token is up and the investor chooses to ‘sell’. This creates a bubble and an investor that is always ready to sell once the price goes up.

We offer investors a 6% reflection, which is huge in itself. But we also offer rewards from our platform profits to our GDT holders. This creates an investor that holds for a long-term as opposed to an investor who is ready to sell when the price is high.

Q2. At the moment , where you are focusing right now ? building and developing product or getting customers and users, or partnerships ? Could you share it?

As of right now, we are focusing on building Gorilla Diamond as a brand and expanding our community. One of our main priorities is increasing the number of holders we have and spreading the word about GDT and what we are trying to accomplish. We have been doing huge advertising pushes on YouTube, Twitter, etc. Another one of our current focuses is hiring and onboarding our CTO, who will be responsible for the development of the Diamond Service Market — a unique peer-to-peer service-based crypto marketplace. I say unique because nothing like it currently exists; we will be the first to develop something like it. Because of this, the platform has the potential to generate millions of dollars. A portion of this will be rewarded to our holders through a profit-sharing system. While a wide variety of cryptos will be accepted on the marketplace, only GDT holders will be able to take advantage of the money we generate!

Q3. Have you considered selling merchandise as a form of mobile advertising to increase holders?

We actually already have a merchandise store on our website! As you said, it’s a great method of advertising. On our website you can order GDT shirts, hoodies, bags, and even flip flops.

Q4. You said you are a registered company in Canada. Does this mean you are allowed to operate already as a financial institution? You’re selling a company now, not only a token?

Hi, this is a great question. We are a registered company in Canada and we have registered as a financial institute. We have also contacted Fintac which is the Canadian authority for all transactions to register Gorilla Diamond Inc. and are currently in the process. We are also registering with additional regulatory Canadian Government agencies to ensure our operation.

Q5. Will a profit sharing option be made to get directly to fiat instead of GDT to avoid dipping the price of GDT?

We plan to create a unique system that will allow users to make transactions on our platform using any crypto currency. The transaction fee for each purchase will automatically be converted into GDT and doing the opposite of what you’ve mentioned. We will power the token per transaction and we will also reward our holders using this method.

Thanks for all the questions everyone!

Session 3: Multiple-Choice-Questions

The correct answers will be bolded

  1. What is token of Gorilla Diamond?





2. What trading pair is available on CoinTiger?





3. On which blokchain is GDT based?

A. Mainnet

B.The Ethereum Network

C.Binance Smart Chain


4. Which one is the official twitter of GDT?





5.When GDT listing?







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