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BSC Month Series: CoinTiger AMA Recap with HDFL

HDFL is a Hyper Deflationary burning token, with each transaction triggering a 10% permanent burn to ever increase the value of this token. By burning 10%, holders retain the same amount of tokens whilst the total supply decreases, effectively increasing their percentage holding of the total circulating supply with every buy and sell.

Session1: QA with the Project representative

Q1. Welcome to CoinTiger BSC Month, First simple question — who are you?

Thanks for having us! I am MG, one of the developers of HDFL and the corresponding ecosystem.

Q2. Could you please introduce HDFL briefly, sir?

HDFL is a fast burning, community driven projects. The developers retained no additional tokens, to ensure a stable trading environment for investors. HDFL has two use cases in development and a long term road map.

Q3. What are advantages of holding HDFL?

With our unique tokenomics and continuous major burn, the ever increasing floor price rewards holders significantly, by increasing the value of each token they hold. Additionally, some use case material will be accessible to investors simply by holding HDFL.

Q4. What is HDFL’s plan for 2021?

We have a long-term roadmap, that has not been released. I’ve previously alluded to major interest from both external and internal parties. The exchange listing is just the first step in developing this relationship.
At present time, we are exploring interest in our intellectual property from a massive upcoming project, which has not been publicly released yet. This includes appropriate capital to develop the best products on the BSC market and potential progress options to make HDFL a full alt coin, with major market presence.

Q5. What is the uniqueness of HDFL that cannot be found in other project that´s been released so far ?

We have two utility cases and tokenomics on the Binance Smart Chain, which allow for us to have an ever rising price floor when volume increases. The 10% burn of tokens allows for investors to see the value of their funds grow simply by holding.

Q6. Are you audited?

We have completed the highest level of audit that Techrate offers. Our audit went quite well and there are no major concerns presented. You can view our audit here:

Session 2: Open Questions by the Community

Q1. On which countries are you focusing to expand and do marketing?

🥇First and foremost, Asia, followed by Europe. Our present investor base is largely North American and we are looking to expand globally.

Q2. What are some of the challenges the team has faced since HDFL launched?

👉Another great question. Upon launch, BNB value was over $400. Due to market fluctuations recently, stability through red markets has been incredibly difficult for all projects. With the investor base we’ve built, we have outperformed the market on numerous very red periods, as a result of strong holders and unique tokenomics.

Q3. What are the chances that this project will be successful? Lets say after 1–2 years, will it be successful?

👉As a result of our team’s understanding of the cryptocurrency market in general, our access to capital and the tokenomics providing further price stability at each rise, we believe our chances of success are quite high. We have an initial liquidity lock of five years. We are here for the long term and desire to be a stable investment in cryptocurrency. Our philosophy is always to under promise and over deliver, to give our investors great value for holding our token.

Q4. As your project is built and grown, how do you take into account community feedback, contributions, and requests?

👉Community feedback is a pillar of our growth and an absolutely crucial part of our success to date. We host voice chats in Telegram each & every day to discuss the project and take feedback through direct message, as well as in the open group chat. The desires of our community are so important.

Q5. Are you sure that HDFL will be in great demand in the long term? Give me a strong point to hold your token for a long period??

✅Our community can attest to the value of holding our token. Due to the unique setup of tokenomics, the same number of tokens is worth more at each market cap increase, due to the ever decreasing supply.
✅Additionally, real utility (with proof of work provided already) will ensure a valuable hold for the future. Our use case models only accept our currency as payment, so we are establishing a self-sustaining ecosystem, which further drives volume and holding.

Session 3: Multiple-Choice-Questions

The correct answers will be bolded

  1. What is token of HDFL?





2. What trading pair is available on CoinTiger?





3. On which blokchain is HDFL based?





4. Which one is the official twitter of HDFL?





5. What regions is HDFL currently focused on?




D.North America and Asia.



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