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BSC Month Series: CoinTiger AMA Recap with NFI (NorseFinance)

CoinTiger has hosted the AMA session together with NorseFinance, built on the BSC Blockchain system, is a yield farming project in our Norse Mythology series. NFI is the governance token of Norse Finance, which provides a secured platform which allows users to farm tokens by staking their $NFI.

Session1: QA with the Project representative

Q1. Welcome to CoinTiger BSC Month 🔥🔥🔥 First simple question — who are you?

I am Loki0x and I am from Holland. I have been working as Project manager/Software Engineer the last 4 years for different companies. I am in crypto since early 2018 when bear market started and in defi since 2020.

Q2. Could you please introduce NFI briefly, sir? 👏👏👏

NFI is Yield Farming project on BSC. Farming reward is fixed on 15.000 and will be completed in 90 days from the launch of the farming. We launched on ETH network a year ago and moved to BSC after gas fees were getting higher. Gas fees made farming NFI not profitable for the investors.

Q3. What are advantages of holding NFI?

NFI will be the main token in our ecosystem. We will use NFI in all our projects if it is possible. Soon we will have NFT farming as well. Users will be able to farm NFT with their tokens.

Q4. What makes NFI different from other BSC projects?

The main diffirence is that we are here for long term.Many tokens these days vanishes after 1–3 weeks after launch. We are still here since 4 months.

We are here for long term and will improve our project in the future.

Q5. What is NFI’s plan for 2021?

NFT farming will be the next. The rest will be planned and Roadmap will be shared with the investors.

We have strategic partnership with Vancii Finance, it is from the owner of BananaCoin which is listed on CoinTiger as well.

Session 2: Open Questions by the Community

Q1.What are your goals to be reached by end of 2021 to expand your network?

We have launched on ETH and moved to BSC. And these goals have been reached.

Q2. Will your project support nft in future or if already support. Can i send one?

Yes , NFT farming will come soon.

Q3. What was your motive behind making your project?

YFI. I really liked the project and thought of starting one.

Q4. What is your future planning or strategy with respect to compete with growing projects on Binance smart chain?

After NFT we will set new goals. It will be announced in May.

Q5. As in every project team has a huge contribution does the same thing is in your project or what are your’s opinion about it?

We have invested a lot in this project. Exchange listing marketing and most important our time 🙂

Session 3: Multiple-Choice-Questions

The correct answers will be bolded

  1. What trading pair is available on CoinTiger?





2.On which blokchain is NFI based?


B.The Ethereum Network



3. Which one is the official twitter of NFI?

A. @NorseNFI




4. Which one is the official TG of NFI?





5.What regions is NFI currently focused on?




D.All of above



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