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BSC Month Series: CoinTiger AMA Recap with SAFEGALAXY (SafeGalaxy)

SafeGalaxy is a deflationary, static yield farming, automatic liquidity generating token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Session1: QA with the Project representative

Q1. who are you?👏👏👏

Hi everyone! Our names are Jacob, Spencer and ShunZhou and we make up the SafeGalaxy core developer team.

Q2. Could you please introduce SAFEGALAXY briefly, sir?👏👏👏

SafeGalaxy is an idea. SafeGalaxy is a community where people come together to bring their cryptocurrency experience into outer space. SafeGalaxy is a static yield farm liquidity pool. What does that mean? It means that everytime someone buys or sells the SafeGalaxy token, they are participating in yield farming but the staking happens on the backend, making it a seamless experience! 🙌

Q3. What are advantages of holding SAFEGALAXY?

The advantage of holding SafeGalaxy is that whenever someone buys or sells SafeGalaxy, a portion of each transaction is redistributed to all SafeGalaxy holders. This means that the amount of tokens in your wallet will increase over time! You make more tokens just by holding!

Q4.What makes SAFEGALAXY different from other BSC projects?

Our project is built by a team who have their eyes looking to the future. So many projects on BSC and in DeFi in general are not built to last. The SafeGalaxy team is building a project that will stand the test of time. We are already in our phase two of project creation and are getting ready to launch.

Q5. What is SAFEGALAXY’s plan for 2021?

SafeGalaxy is only the first step in what the developers are calling, the Galaxy Protocol. The developer team has now found a use case for SafeGalaxy in the Decentralized Finance ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain. We are preparing for the launch of GalaxySwap. Our decentralized exchange will provide even more benefits for SafeGalaxy holders. GalaxySwap will allow holders to deposit their purchased SafeGalaxy and earn rewards for staking their funds. This will enable us to create liquidity and begin to build the most advanced services for the DeFi ecosystem.

Session 2: Open Questions by the Community

Q1.Please could you provide us with more information regarding this? I would love to hear the technical side of how it works and how you decided to develop such an outstanding idea.

This ties into our 2021 plans. Galaxy Protocol is going to be the umbrella term that refers to both Safe Galaxy and GalaxySwap. It’s like Apple’s products, MacBooks and iPhones — they’re developed by the same company just different products. We soon realized that if we wanted to give our investors longevity, we would need to build more than just SafeGalaxy, hence why we decided to build our swap. Our swap will have many liquidity pools most of them paired with SafeGalaxy as the main trading pair for yield farming. This gives a use case to our token and allows people to start staking their other currencies with SafeGalaxy. We would love to build up enough liquidity on the exchange so that we can start providing more interesting DeFi services like flash loans, insurance and so on, but that first starts with building up liquidity on the exchange.

Q2. How will galaxyswap attract users over pancakeswap

This is a great question! GalaxySwap will continue to stay on the cutting edge of DeFi meaning as we grow, we will continue to add more featues. DeFi is just about a year old now, with UniSwap launching in April 2021. This means that there is whole bright future ahead of us! We will be able to hire the best and most creative developers as time goes on to further build out our platform.

Q3. What is your future planning or strategy with respect to compete with growing projects on Binance smart chain?

Great question! None of our competitors so far have taken the use case of their coins seriously. We have! Yield farming is a use case for SafeGalaxy and will continue to be a main part of GalaxySwap. Additionally, we play fair and pride ourselves on being arguably the most open, honest and transparent dev team on the BSC.

Q4. How to future plan of asia market???

Awesome question! One of the co-founders is ShunZhou Tan. He is from mainland China and we will be releasing educational videos with Chinese subtitles and an advertising campaign in Chinese!

Q5. What steps are you taking to grow and prevent whales from selling and crashing our charts?

This is a very important point to address. Whales will be whales and there is only so much we can do. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile due to the lower volume of trading and the erratic investment patterns. The best any project can do is to work on adding as many new wallet holders to the currenct group of investors so as to create more trading volume.

Session 3: Multiple-Choice-Questions

The correct answers will be bolded

  1. What is token of SAFEGALAXY?



C. SafeGalaxy/BTC; SafeGalaxy/ETH

D. SafeGalaxy/USDT

2. On which blokchain is SAFEGALAXY based?

A. Mainnet

B.The Ethereum Network



3. What is token of SAFEGALAXY?





4. Which one is the official twitter of SAFEGALAXY?





5. What regions is SAFEGALAXY currently focused on?




D.Europe and Asia



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