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CoinTiger AMA Recap with GOGO FINANCE

CoinTiger has hosted the AMA session together with GOGO Finance, which is a project that brings DeFi + Lottery together under one platform thereby creating an ecosystem where users don’t only earn yields from DeFi but also earn rewards from the lottery system. Built on the secured Ethereum blockchain, GOGO Finance will have all the standard features of a DeFi platform which means you will be able to farm, stake, and earn rewards but in this case, your rewards will be coming from multiple sources.

Session1: QA with the Project representative

Q1. First simple question — who are you?

My name is Sergey, Project Manager & Team Lead for GOGO Finance.

Q2. Can you introduce GOGO coin to our community?

Sergey: Let me share the whole concept behind the project in very simple terms — DeFi industry is a big industry with over $13.6 Billion locked in DeFi while lottery is another huge industry outside blockchain with several billions of dollars too. GOGO Finance is an innovative project that brings these two huge industries — both DeFi & Lottery together in one ecosystem.

Q3. What are the basic utilities of GOGO?

Sergey: Holders of GOGO can carry out DeFi activities like farming, staking & earning yields and they can also win lottery rewards & prizes in addition to the APY & yields from DeFi

Q4. GOGO token is based on which blockchain? How do you plan to scale things further via it?

Sergey: It is based on the Ethereum blockchain which is very robust and secured. We plan to make it available globally as the number one DeFi + Lottery token in the whole crypto space.

Q5. And what is coming up in the pipeline for GOGO?

Sergey: In the future, we shall be having our own mobile apps & GOGO wallets too and plans are currently in place to expand the ecosystem and make it grow bigger

Session 2: Open Questions by the Community

Q1. Why do you think $GOGO token is necessary for your project? What is the main role of $GOGO in your project? What are the benefits of holding $GOGO in long-term?

Sergey: Our primary goal and objective is to bring lottery to crypto and in doing this, it is also important not to leave out DeFi activities too. Hence the reason the ecosystem is DeFi + Lottery. The good news about this is that, unlike traditional lottery where you lose your money with or without winning the lottery, the case is different because as long as you hold the GOGO governance token, you still have a slot in all prize pools. And because lottery is an industry that stands forever, in the next few months and more than 10years from now, GOGO will be the number lottery ecosystem for all crypto lovers and holders.

Q2. How do you keep your platform safe for Investors, and is your platform protected from hackers? And how do you manage if there’s an attack on your platform, including the personal data of your platform’s users? Is your platform ready for this?

Sergey: We are in partnership with top agencies and industry leaders to ensure this. The problem is that most project teams like to do everything themselves. But our case is different as we partner with too agencies in their respective fields and strengths thereby making sure everyone brings their A game to the table and we get nothing less than the best for all users

Q3. Could you give an overview of GoGo Finance Token tokenomics? Will the design of the token rise and fall with the success of the platform, does it include any scarce paths, such as equity, storage or burning?

Sergey: Total supply is 2650, and yes there will be burning from time to time to manage supplies. Also demand for lottery is extremely high and a combination of high demand with very low supply is expected to push the prize really high

Q4. I want to INVEST LONG-TERM INVESTMENT with this PROJECT, but now I am wondering, how can you convince me and assure me that this project is SAFE and PROFITABLE?

Sergey: The lottery industry has been around centuries and still a strong standing billions of dollar worth industry. 50years from now, people are still playing lottery. What we are doing is bringing lottery to the ethereum blockchain. So yes, there is long term demand for the ecosystem and much as we will constantly be releasing updates as the industry evolves, 50years from now there will still be demand for lottery all over the world!

Q5. What makes GoGo Finance distinctive and ahead of other tokens/competitor projects on blockchain that currently exist, keeping in view that their fundamentals are also based on decentralized finance?

Sergey: Well besides marketing strategies in place and also scheduled listing in more exchanges as the ecosystem grows, it is a viral product that markets and sells itself. The product has a high viral coefficient. It’s like a social media platform where everybody adds their friends or follows other people and before you know it there are millions of users. Once we anounce winners of the first lottery draw and next and next gradually it grows viral and highly exponential. That is one long term asset of the project that no money in the world on marketing can buy

Session 3: Multiple-Choice-Questions

The correct answers will be bolded

  1. On which blokchain is GOGO based?




D.All of above

2. What GOGO trading pairs are available on CoinTiger?





3. What is the main GOGO community hashtag and cashtag?

A.$GOGO Power Rangers



D.All of above

4. Why should I hold GOGO?

A.High profits

B.Valuable project version

C.Higher yields and lower risks

D.All of above

5. What are the lottery prize value and how much are holders looking forward to win from time to time?

A. $5,000

B.$5,000 — $100,000



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CoinTiger is a global and innovative crypto asset exchange that provides multi-crypto-currency trading services in multi-language to blockchain enthusiasts.

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CoinTiger is a global and innovative crypto asset exchange that provides multi-crypto-currency trading services in multi-language to blockchain enthusiasts.

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