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The Launch of the CoinTiger Forum, Post and Win Tokens

Fellow CoinTiger users,

A new year with a good start! The new feature, Tiger Forum has officially launched! CoinTiger welcomes everyone to experience the new feature, as well as, the good or bad feedback.

To celebrate the launch of the Tiger Forum, CoinTiger decided to give out interactive rewards for those who take part in the following campaigns:

Campaign 1: Follow the official account of CoinTiger (@CT official), participate in the daily topic discussion for winning tokens worth 8 USD;

Campaign 2: Post and interact. Participate in the #daily Memes# topic related to cryptocurrency, and win a share of token in our prize pool;

* The above campaigns are available every day. For details, please refer to the official announcement of in Tiger Forum.

What is Tiger Forum?

The Tiger Forum is the latest blockchain-based forum launched by CoinTiger. Besides trading, users could also browse through industry information in the forum, seek the market trends in the exchange for better ideas or knowledge of investment from now on.

How do I start?

Download the latest application of CoinTiger and you will be able to read news, publish posts, interactions and most importantly to learn while having fun.

Tiger Forum utilizes the identity(ID) authentication function for accounts of project parties, Media platforms, KOLs and official managers for users to identify the legitimate accounts. If you happen to be someone that plays a part, please apply for ID authentication via Apply for ID Authentication

The purpose of the forum:

To provide great clarification support when you have any industrial or trading doubts;

To provide instant investment reference when you need professional advise.

To provide simple access when you are looking for the latest progress of a project or token.

To kill boredom and satisfy your inner emotion when you’re looking for a place to chit chat

Are you still waiting? Time waits for no one, be the first batch in the Tiger Forum now!

CoinTiger Team




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