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How to Get First Clients for Your Cryptocurrency Gambling Project

Every year, billions of dollars of profit are generated in the online gambling industry, and each year, crypto gambling is accounting for a bigger and bigger percentage of this total. There are several advantages of gambling with cryptocurrency and bitcoin, for both casinos and their customers:

Deposits and withdrawals using bitcoin can be completed in one hour or less, and with other cryptocurrencies (such as Litecoin and Ethereum) this process is even faster.

Comparing to the standard payment methods used in the gambling niche cryptocurrency transactions are very cheap to process and no 3rd party companies are needed for that.

Well, this is not 100% the case, as most of the coins and transaction can be tracked, but in general, there is no need to pass any personal data while making the payments in crypto.

This is why a lot of gambling-related services have appeared on the market and this trend is still active.

What do you need to launch a proper crypto gambling business?

Back in the days a lot of crypto gambling websites started their activity with no license. Nowadays, when the competition is high and a lot of reputable brands accepting crypto, it will be hard to get clients with no license.

If you are planning to run a casino or sportsbook, then you need to get trusted and original games or odds providers for your business. This is important not to use any pirated scripts, as they are easy to spot and as a result, your reputation will be ruined.

You don’t need to have a huge team to start, but at least one front-end, back-end developer should be on board with one designer assisting with the website design and creatives for the campaigns. Pay additional attention to balance management functions, such as deposits and withdrawals. This should be tested with a high priority because players extremely hate when their money is stuck somewhere and money movement is slow.

How to prepare your websites for the leads?

Now you have a gambling website created with a license and trusted games on board, but this will not bring any customers yet, as nobody knows about your project and no one has a willingness to try it. This is when the marketing strategy should be prepared with the proper amount of employees responsible for:

Most common stuff that every gambling website has. You need to have some bonuses that will catch the attention of potential customer coming to your website. 1st deposit, 2nd deposit and reload bonuses are something that you can start with. No deposit bonuses is one of the massive and traffic driven bonus program, but you need to be extremely careful, as this will always be abused.

A welcome e-mail is the first thing you need to set up, where all current bonuses and promotions will be mentioned together with a friendly welcoming. Automated series of emails is also a nice tool to keep the newly registered user engaged.

Even a properly working product needs support, especially in the gambling niche. A lot of customers will ask some basic stuff before making their first deposit to check the level of care and professionalism of the support team.

Most people will skip reading this part, but it is essential to have proper T&C written with all aspects and potential violations listed there. This document should include rules regarding everything you have on offer for the client: Bonuses, Promotions, Deposits, Withdrawals.

Where to get traffic?

Now your gambling website has everything to accept users, stimulate them with bonuses, receive deposits and make the withdrawals. And the logical question will be: where to get traffic?

Search engine optimization. Your project should be optimized for proper keywords, although it is near to impossible to become the number one brand is Google nowadays even if you are not limited in budget. Cryptocurrency gambling has started to develop in somewhere in the year 2012 and all relevant top Google positions are already divided between the veteran gambling brands and affiliate websites.

It is a ‘must-have’ to start a topic in a gambling section of Bitcointalk to let users know about your product, but it will be hard to gain solid leads from there while you are new to the market and have no really tasty bonuses (And the tastiest ones are no-deposits which are the most abusable at the same time).

There tons of gambling affiliate websites created ready to promote your brand on the revenue share based program. The only problem that all big affies have massive deals with the industry leading brands that would be hard to beat. Your affiliate program will require a full time manager and some special rev-share conditions for huge players. Affiliate conferences are also will become your month-to-month spendings.

All three ways listed above will not bring any fast results. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to optimize your website, be active on forums or work with affiliates, but these methods are more suitable for the long-term strategy.

Paid advertising — the quickest and most effective way to start

Paid advertising is one of the traffic sources that can be set up quickly and that can start to bring the clients right away. Paid ads for gambling cannot be acquired from Google or Facebook ads, as these platforms do not allow you to promote gambling. So what options there are to get your ads published?

You can start contacting with all crypto and gambling-related websites and try to buy out the banner or listing positions there are on offer. The outreach method is hard not only physically but morally, as most of the times you will not get any answer at all and as another option, you will be shocked by the pricelist received.

Working with Youtube bloggers was an interesting way of getting traffic some years ago. Big bloggers have a really loyal audience which loves to follow the advice of their idol. The only problem that Youtube has started a massive campaign against gambling ads deleting the entire videos for mentioning gambling, that’s why it will hard to find a blogger who is willing to risk.

These are the independent from Google networks which have their own list of publishers selling their ad spaces to the network advertisers. Cointraffic is one of these networks, and what is really important, it focuses on cryptocurrency audience only! With Cointraffic you can launch 3 different types of ads: Banners, Native Ads and Press Release distribution services (this one will also help you to gain some juicy backlinks to assist your SEO).

What do you need to do with the traffic coming to your website?

You need to have a landing page, that will represent the reputation of your brand together with a bonus offer that will help users to make a decision.

You need to segment users by their value to send relevant offers and offer VIP services.

You need to build the strategy to reactivate the users that have churned for some reason.


Making a new cryptocurrency gambling website is not easy, but this niche has a lot of money and customers. Make sure that you have a proper team and marketing budget for the launch. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you will have any need to crypto gambling traffic, as this is what we are already providing for the industry leaders.

Originally published at on September 10, 2019.



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