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How to Prepare Your Crypto Project for Banner Ad Traffic?

In this article we will review what banner ads are, how they can best be used in crypto project marketing, and how to prepare so you can get the most out of banner ads when promoting your project.

What is a Banner Ad?

A banner ad (sometimes known as a web banner) is one of the most popular forms of advertising on the internet. This particular type of online advertising involves embedding a rectangular-shaped advertisement into a web page and stretches across its top, bottom, or sides. Banner ads are designed to draw traffic to a website by containing a link to the website or target page of the advertiser.

They tend to be more graphics-heavy than most other forms of web-based advertisements. The first web advertisement ever used was a banner ad, which appeared in 1994, and since then revenue from banner ad sales has grown to over $160 billion worldwide per year.

Banner ads are good for cryptocurrency-related business advertising for a number of reasons. They contribute to a website’s branding by getting exposure, and depending on the popularity of the site where they are being hosted, can provide a tremendous increase in organic traffic. The end goal of course is to create conversion after having landed traffic on a website as the result of a banner ad, resulting in more sales / investments / income for the crypto project.

A banner ad also gives a project a chance to make the most out of graphic illustration and make a name for itself. Even if it doesn’t result in a click every time somebody sees it, the repetition of seeing it on a website begins to make an impression in a viewer’s mind, and they become aware of a project’s existence. This repetition is also likely to breed a sense of familiarity with a project brand and may make them feel more comfortable with it in the future.

Why Banner Ads are Especially Good for Cryptocurrency Projects

As cryptocurrency is the first form of money to be born out of a digital nature, it makes sense that advertisements in a digital format would be best to promote their related projects. Banner ads are simple, effective, and attract the type of audience who is most likely to be using cryptocurrency in the first place: those who are naturally comfortable around new technologies, are computer-savvy, and were raised in the age of the internet.

How to Get Started with Banner Ads

Here are a few simple steps to beginning a banner ad campaign which also serves as a checklist of things that need to be in place before getting started.

1. The first thing that anyone needs to get started is a website to which the banner ad will link. More specifically, this will include defining the landing page where visitors clicking the link are to be sent. The landing page should contain everything that is necessary to know about a project without the visitor having to click on another link.

Ad research has concluded that most people will make a decision of whether or not to engage with a project within 3 to 5 seconds after navigating to the landing page, so it is important to make a valuable first impression on a visitor.

2. Another essential detail to have before placing a banner ad is some sort of a promotional offer, which may include a sale, discount or free trial. This will help entice visitors to become customers and a well-crafted promotion can work wonders as far as leading to conversions is concerned.

3. The next step is to create the banner itself. It will be necessary to not only have an eye-catching, engaging design, but to also include the information that is most relevant to the project. Banner ads are typically heavier on graphics than word content, so it is best to think of a way to describe the idea being promoted in as few words as possible.

The message of the banner should also reflect the content provided on the landing page so no type of misrepresentation can be assumed. Another important factor is to include a “call to action” button that correlates with a similar landing page Call to Action. Design-wise, the banner’s color scheme should match the basic design and color scheme of the landing page.

4. One other essential component to have in place before deploying a banner ad is to have an “About” or “About Us” section that is easily locatable on the website. In this day and age, not many people are going to be trusting of a crypto project that does not have verifiable information about its team members, staff, or owners. It is often times good to include links to social media profiles for chief team members, especially those leading to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Diligence in Campaign Upkeep and Monitoring

Once a website, landing page and web banner have been created, the next step will be to make sure the advertisement campaign is working, and addition to that, to insure the most is being made out of the incoming traffic.

Efficient website analytics and tracking

Proper analytics is essential to any advertising campaign. It will help a project determine not only how frequently people are visiting a landing page thanks to a banner campaign but also who is coming, and what they are doing once they get there. By tracking the movement of visitors on a website it will become apparent what segments of the website most visitors are interested in, making it easier to know which sections to focus on in order to achieve goal conversions.

Campaign optimization

Many advertising networks offer their clients an option to visualize traffic results and optimize their campaign to yield improved results. An example of this can be found in Cointraffic’s ability to present customers with detailed statistics of each publisher displaying a campaign’s banner ad, offering them the option to blacklist or exclude websites that do not generate substantial traffic. Cutting out inefficient hosts of the banner ad is one of the most efficient uses of a campaign budget.

Geo-targeting and audience localization

If a website has multiple language options then it would probably be a wise option to launch distinct geo-targeted campaigns for each localized version of the website that work in tandem with translated versions of the banner ad.

Expansion of campaign

Once a campaign is underway, it may be beneficial to experiment using different banners, including different designs and different sizes. If there are multiple options for banner placement, it may be worth experimenting with rotating them to determine which positions bring more traffic. These simple alterations may yield drastically improved results so it is good to not keep a static mindset in terms of banner design and placement.

Make the most out of HTML5

Modern HTML5 browser technology allows a campaign to make the most out of not only creative design but animation as well. Animated web banners can be eye catching and result in increased traffic to a landing page, if the hosting site allows for it.

Selecting a Suitable Advertising Network

There are several different types of web advertising networks to choose from, so it is important to select one that is not only appropriate for a project’s budget but target audience as well. Here are the components of an advertising network to take into consideration before making a decision.

Audience target theme

It is imperative to choose a network that caters to the project’s target audience; in this case, those who are interested in cryptocurrency or blockchain-related projects.


Many advertising network offer sophisticated tracking opportunities which should be utilized to their maximum potential. This will help provide information about the visitors arriving on a landing page and help determine what factors contribute to conversion rates.

Different banner formats

It is preferable to find an advertising network that allows for several different types of banner formats and sizes and aren’t just limited to supporting one format or size in specific. This will allow a project to determine what works best for them and help them get the most out of their advertising budget.

HTML5 support

Advertising networks that support HTML5 banners can allow the potential for not only animation in a banner but also faster loading of the banner, as well as making them more interactive and engaging for the audience.

Provision of statistics

The more statistics an advertising network gathers and offers to their clients, the better. This can help a project not only discover more about their audience and visitors but suggest improvements that can be made in a landing page to encourage better conversion rates as well.

If your business is related to cryptocurrency and/or the blockchain, Cointraffic is ready to act as a solution for all of your banner ad needs and support. We currently offer 6 different banner formats, including sticky ads, which have been shown to bring additional attention and awareness as compared to classical banner ads.

In addition to taking care of all of the issues outlined above, we also allow different UTM tracking links and HTML5 designs to be applied to each selected format, and provide our clients with full performance reports on a regular basis.

With several years of experience and a history of customer satisfaction under our belt, Cointraffic is a highly suited option for handling the ins and outs of banner ads for any cryptocurrency-related project.

Originally published at on September 27, 2019.



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