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The Secrets To Trustworthy Branding In Crypto

What is the secret to effective branding, and what can a business or individual do to ensure they maintain their profile with high levels of trust in the cryptocurrency industry? Read on for more…

When branding a person or a profile, any expert worth their salt would most default to the staples; engage often, share insights as a thought leader, and be consistent with brand messaging. But what if the secret to good branding was even simpler?

What if it was just about visible trust?

In the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, the role of advertising is an important one. A relatively new industry; many consumers often don’t know what they don’t know — and therefore don’t know what they should be searching for. Be it a personal brand or project, a new crypto development, a token release or an invitation to join a community, advertising gets it right in front of eager eyes.

But advertising without visible trust can be fatal.

Those savvy with crypto know that an important issue running the circuits at conferences and podcasts currently is the issue of online safety. With so much scam activity and fraud, there’s no way of knowing that people are who they say they are; and offering what they’re promising.

That is, unless, they’ve established trust and credibility through their brand.

A business or personal brand (i.e. an individual) who has worked hard on developing a positive image will have focused a great deal of attention on the quality of their offering to the community; with their name synonymous alongside honesty and transparency. Big crypto names, such as Arthur Hayes, (Bitmex CEO), Brad Garlinghouse (Ripple CEO), Changpeng Zhao (Binance CEO), that know one another have only done so after investing time in both their online image — like social media — and offline — like networking.

If it’s something you’d like to work on, here are Cointraffic’s quickfire tips for building strong brand equity and maintaining visibility.

Establish a clear strategy to follow

Choose the language that most resonates with your audience, and identify the channels you are going to communicate with them on. Once you’ve selected those, ensure that every piece of communication is consistent with this. When you’re offering content, make sure it’s valuable — and it is answering the genuine questions your audience is asking (note that you may need to do some listening to social and forum conversations before you begin). Be authentic; be yourself.

Get social on social media

Be active and be visible across your social media profiles — which doesn’t mean just posting content, but also responding to feedback and questions. This is your community you’re building, and you need to nurture and engage them. Specifically, for B2C businesses or personalities — this close proximity is vital. With B2B, it’s a little harder — but still possible.

Connect with the end user

There is a myriad of metric programs to follow up your brand positioning, like Google Alerts. You want to understand how you’re positioned in your industry and what the public perception of you is because this will help you shape where your future efforts around content and engagement should head. Never assume what you think your own perception is — because probably, it’s wrong. Remember, your brand is what people say about it when you are not in the room. Tracking digital conversations is like being a fly-on-the-wall in this room.

Promote with press releases

If no-one is talking about your product, then there’s no demand for your project or brand. At least once a month, make an announcement to stay front of mind to your prospects and your community. They need to hear from you regularly and know that you’re working on great things, like a product or service update, a market point of view, video content, podcast release and more.

Ultimately, your ability to succeed in the development of your personal brand will come down to visible trust, no matter what route you take to get there. If you’d like to know how you can pair up your project or ICO with clever advertising for the ultimate in dual marketing, get in touch with the trusty Cointraffic team for help:


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