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CoinTrendz Premium | Features

Short Introduction to Premium, all Benefits & Features!

CoinTrendz Premium Features

The Premium Subscription comes with various additional tools and features, which help you to keep track and stay alerted with the crypto market.

Bigger Alerts Quota

The amount of active alerts on CoinTrendz is limited. With premium, you can create and have a lot more active crypto alerts than normal. Your quota will be increased by x10.

Coin List Alerts

Receive alerts, as soon as a new coin / market gets listed on one of our support exchanges. Coin List Alerts enable you to be the first to know & act when a new Market gets listed. You can choose from which exchanges you want to receive alerts.

Technical Alerts

Configure Alerts based on Technical indicators and different timeframes. You don’t need to watch the charts 24/7 anymore, you can just set your alert and act on it once its triggered.

We have following Indicators:

  • Relative Strength Index | Overbought / Oversold
  • MACD | Bullish & Bearish Crossovers
  • SMA | Golden & Death Cross
  • Momentum | Bullish & Bearish Zero Line Crossing

RSI Scanner

The RSI (Relative Strength Index) Scanner scans Crypto Exchanges and alerts you when the RSI value of a market has hit an overbought or oversold condition. You can choose between 1 day, 4 hour & 1 hour Interval.

Volume Detector

The Volume Detector scans the exchanges and alerts you when the volume of a market has changed based on your settings. Can be used to detect abnormal volume changes and catch Pre-Pumps / Dumps.

Coin of the Month

Coin of the month is a monthly picked Cryptocurrency which we think has great potential based on our research & analysis.

Here you can see a quick comparison between the Basic & Premium plan. You can also check it out .

Free vs Premium

The Premium Subscription costs $19.95 a month. You can pay with cryptocurrencies. The payment proccess is fully automatic and your premium status will be automatically activated, as soon as we receive and verify your transaction.

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