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ETH Acceleration Service Support (2.7.0 ver.)

Hello. This is CoinUs Team.

New feature Withdraw Acceleration is added to our new feature.
If you need to send your Pending Transaction in a hurry, try the Withdraw Acceleration feature!

  1. What is Withdraw Acceleration?

When you set the gas fee too low or when the gas fee surges due to the network issues,

you can accelerate the pending transaction by replacing it with a higher gas fee using RBF (Replace by Fee) function in Ethereum.

2. Which coin supports Withdraw Acceleration?

ETH and ERC20 tokens transactions are supported.
Withdraw Acceleration feature can be used when the following conditions are met.

1) Pending transactions that are over 10 mins.
2) It will accelerate sequentially from the first pending transactions if there are multiple pending.
3) New Gas fee is the optimized network gas fee at the instant or 30% more from the previous transaction.

4. How can you use Withdraw Acceleration Feature?

  1. If there is a transaction that is pending for more than 10 mins, Acceleration button will appear from the card main and transaction details page.
  2. Click the Acceleration Button to send with a higher gas fee.
  3. You can check the same nonce value from the withdraw details after confirming.
  4. After certain period of time, only new transaction will be processed and previous transaction will disappear from transaction history as Dropped or Replace status.

For more information, please contact the customer center.

Thank you.



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