4 Coinversation Chinese Volunteers Officially Graduated!

In January, the first volunteer recruitment plan of the Coinversation Protocol was released. After more than 50 applicants communicated via email, text, and voice chat, we screened out 14 prospective volunteers to enter the trial period. After cooperating with the preparatory volunteers, we are very excited to introduce the four community volunteers who have officially joined the CoinStar Program!

Light clouds and light wind

The total number of community speeches was 214, and 94 topics were actively initiated; Establishing the Coinversation community spontaneously; the high-quality track and industry information was actively shared, and the unique insights on Coinversation and the track were willing to share.


The total number of community speeches was 108 and actively initiated 30 topics; actively seeking external information to the community; actively promoting new ideas and guiding the community to rationally pay attention to project development; completing 4+ exterior community project dissemination work.

Beautiful Mess

The total number of community speeches is 150+, and actively initiated 90+ topics; Sharing daily industry information actively.

Zhang Han

The total number of community speeches was 35, and 6 topics were actively initiated; positively guided the community to pay attention to project development and value investment; spontaneously produced content videos and did project science work.

If necessary, we will invite volunteers to participate in a monthly online audio conference. On the one hand, you can share the information about the work you are advancing with us, and we will also synchronize some critical progress of the project with you.

Therefore, we hope that every official volunteer can help Coinversation complete the volunteer community’s essential matters every month.

Also, we would like to thank Mr. Ji, who provided translation support for the project during the volunteer trial period; Small root, who provided an article; Anyi, who provided suggestions for community interaction activities; and Kyle, Hu Zhiyang, Flying Fish, and other friends who actively participated in community interaction in first two weeks during the trial period. At the same time, Mr. Ji will assist overseas communities’ daily operations as a volunteer trainee.

[ Officially launching the second round of volunteer application]

In March, we will start to accept the second round of volunteer applications.

We welcome fans of Coinversation Protocol’s synthetic assets to join the CoinStar community, but this also requires every volunteer to take on more responsibilities and missions. Suppose you are optimistic about Coinversation and at the same time have enough enthusiasm to actively and actively carry out work independently, such as building overseas communities or setting up online or offline community activities. In that case, we welcome you to join us.

If you are optimistic about synthetic assets and hope to grow together with Coinversation in 2021 and witness the outbreak of Polkadot Synthetic Assets, you are welcome to fill the form to apply for the second round of Coinversation volunteers.

CoinStar Application

About Coinversation

Coinversation Protocol is a synthetic asset issuance protocol and decentralised contract trading exchange based on the Polkadot contract chain.

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