Coinversation Joins Patract Open Platform as One of the Founding Members

Coinversation Protocol, the first Polkadot-based synthetic asset protocol and decentralized contract exchange, is proud to become one of the founding members of Patract Open Platform, and is excited to contribute to the WASM contract ecosystem with the other great projects!

Open Platform website is coming

Patract Open Platform (POP for short) was initiated by Patract Labs and jointly established by dozens of Polkadot projects as an open Polkadot Wasm contract technology alliance. The founding members are: Patract Labs, Acala, Apron, Coinversation, Manta, Litentry, OpenSquare, Plasm, Bifrost, SubDAO, Standard, Zenlink, Clover, Mathchain, Phala and Media members: PolkaWorld、PolkaProject、巴比特、OneBlock+

The goal of Patract Open Platform is to promote the large-scale popularization of Wasm contract technology in the Polkadot ecosystem. In response, Patract Labs officially launched the alliance official website of the Patract Open Platform, bringing together excellent parachains or application teams in the Polkadot ecosystem that who are willing to join the Wasm contract ecosystem, to show their specific practice and technological innovation of Wasm contracts,and provide market and technical support. The Open Platform will jointly promote the construction of public infrastructure and the evolution of contract technology, then creating a strong alliance for Wasm contract ecosystem.

Support of Open Platform

As the first representative of the alliance to initiate Open Platform, Patract will provide a series of free and open source tool products and some closed source service products. It will give priority to integrating with platform members and support secondary development and upper-level development. At the same time, a full set of technical documentation is provided to help developers quickly get started with Wasm contracts. In the future, it will also help platform members develop customized contract models, resource models, economic models, runtime interfaces, etc.

Co-build Application Ecosystem

Platform members will jointly discuss public technical issues in the Polkadot ecosystem. Considering their own product requirements, jointly define Wasm contract standards and implementation. At the same time, Jointly give feedback about the experience of contract model, contract language, and development tools to Parity Tech. Share basic technology and participate in the construction of a common knowledge base; Share the advantages of their own projects, and call for developers to join.

Explore the infinite possibilities of Wasm contracts

The establishment of Open Platform is not only to provide underlying facilities and technical support, we will also use Wasm contract technology to further explore the infinite possibilities of the Polkadot ecosystem in the future. For example, Ethereum contracts use EVM virtual machine and Solidity language, which makes it impossible to develop complex contracts at low cost. So Open Platform will explore the three directions of contract model, contract standard (similar to ERC20 business standard), and runtime interface customization. Through in-depth integration of the business characteristics of each project, customized resource models, to achieve upper-level development, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and make it more suitable for business needs. At the same time, jointly formulate contract standards to form a community consensus and accelerate the development of the Polkadot ecosystem.

In the future, we will also host a series of online and offline technology sharing sessions, workshops, hackathons, etc. for developers to help developers choose which chain to deploy their own contract products among platform members.

Patract Open Platform is a public service and open Polkadot Wasm contract technology alliance. Welcome the participation of parachains and application developers who are willing to support and recognize Wasm contract technology.

About Coinversation

Coinversation Protocol is a synthetic asset issuance protocol and decentralised contract trading exchange based on the Polkadot contract chain.

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