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Coinweb, announce Sponsorship of Nordic Blockchain Conference

by Lexi Willetts, first published 12 November 2018

LONDON — 12 November 2018 — Coinweb, a LAYER 2 blockchain infrastructure project on a mission to make blockchain mainstream, returns to its Nordic roots this week after announcing it’s sponsorship of this year’s Nordic Blockchain Association conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nordic Blockchain Conference hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark

This Danish based conference is hosted by the Nordic Blockchain Association and Dansk Industri on Friday 16 November 2018 and will be attended by blockchain advocates and leading global players like IBM, KPMG, Deloitte and PWC.

Coinweb CEO, Toby Gilbert, will join a panel with Sofie BlakstadHiveOnline and Christian Visti to discuss the topic Blockchain in Practice.

Toby commented, “The growth and adoption of blockchain is rapid right now, with many businesses using it that you might not hear about in mainstream media. To give the audience a greater understanding of the space, we will look to showcase real and future blockchain use cases during our panel discussion. Blockchain is of interest to many professional industry players as shown by the attendee list. Coinweb, as a LAYER 2 infrastructure project, co-founded by our Chief Scientist, Knut Arne Vinger (Norwegian), is set to a be a big part of this next phase of blockchain development, so it makes sense for us to take an active role within this conference”.

Speakers include DEANNA MACDONALD (BLOC) and ADAM LEBECH (Agency for Digitization).

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More about Coinweb

If you follow blockchain, you’ve seen countless ICO’s, wallets, tokens, and new protocol variations. We think of this as vertical innovation, and it’s great. But we think investment across blockchains — horizontal innovation — is what’s needed to fully unlock its potential. Our mission is to make blockchain more personal, more connected and mainstream.

Coinweb is lead by CEO Toby Gilbert and technically guided by advisor Paul Mockapetris (Founder of DNS), CTO Mike Conte (Microsoft Excel), Chief Scientist, Knut Arne Vinger (University of Oslo) and Director of Architecture Alexander Kjeldass (Google, Bitcoin core).

Coinweb has built a powerful hyperlayer and platform to connect and create interoperability between blockchains and is releasing a coin name system (CNS) and easy-to-use wallet later this year. Visit the Coinweb website for more info about the venture and the wider team.

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About Coinweb:

Coinweb is a blockchain business on a mission to make blockchain more connected and more personal.

Our goal is to create solutions to make the blockchain more mainstream and easy to use, focussing on products and services that will deliver mass adoption of blockchain.

Coinweb has built a hyperlayer that seamlessly connect and creates interoperability between blockchains and a Coin Name System (CNS) that makes your wallet address as easy to use as an email address.

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Coinweb News

A hyperlayer that seamlessly connects blockchains

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Names for blockchain. Names are how we connect. Coinweb connects you to blockchain and blockchain to business.

Coinweb News

A hyperlayer that seamlessly connects blockchains

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