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Hear Coinweb at London & Partners’ Blockchain Panel “Opportunities And Dreaming Big” — Tuesday 13th November 2018

We are on the cusp of a blockchain revolution. The last year alone has seen major corporates gain interest in the distributed ledger technology, and an increasing number of companies are starting and scaling rapidly in the space.

As the corporate world is discovering the best ways to harness this emerging technology, join us to learn more from leading players in the space.

The event will see three panel discussions, outlined below, and welcome speakers from early stage start-ups all the way to major corporations in the blockchain industry, to discuss the reality of the space, its major challenges and the greatest opportunities for applying this emerging technology.

  • Opportunities and Dreaming Big: this panel will discuss the major opportunities that are now possible thanks to blockchain technology, from creating a truly global market place, to financial inclusion for the unbanked, digital identity solutions, supply chain transparency and more.
  • What Keeps Me Awake At Night: this panel will explore the main challenges that blockchain faces today, focusing on blocks such as limited transaction speeds, the energy usage of mining, the lack of regulation in the crypto space, amongst others
  • How To Start A Career In Blockchain: attendees will hear the personal stories of professionals who entered the space, who will share on what led them to blockchain and how it is to work in the industry.


18:00–18:30 — Registration & Networking

18:30–18:35 — Welcome by London & Partners

18:35–19:10 — “Opportunities And Dreaming Big” panel

  • Elliott Callender, Founder, NodeUnlock — moderator
  • Ashutosh Chauhan, CTO, Capexmove
  • Catherine Thomas, Business Development Manager, Outlier Ventures
  • Lexi Willetts, Director, Coinweb
  • Nigel Quantick, COO, DIT Network

19:10–19:40 — “What Keep Me Awake At Night” panel

  • Jonny Fry, CEO, TeamBlockchain — moderator
  • Erica Stanford, Founder, Cryptocurrency Simplified
  • Giselle Frederick, Founder & CEO, Zingr
  • Michele D’Aliessi, Visiting Lecturer in Blockchain at Cass Business School
  • Rodney Prescott, Senior Director, PwC

19:40–20:10 — “How To Start A Career In Blockchain” panel

  • Sukhi Jutla, Founder, MarketOrder
  • Abel Tedros, Product & Technical Evangelist, Consensys
  • Anna Mostyn Williams, Head of Marketing, TokenCard
  • Simone Maini, COO, Elliptic

20:10–20:30 — Networking

20:45 — Close


Tue 13 November 2018, 18:00–20:45 GMT at London & Partners, 2 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2RR

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Coinweb News

A hyperlayer that seamlessly connects blockchains

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