Why has there been limited adoption of DLT technology within UK enterprises?

Dec 5, 2018 · 8 min read
Outlier Venture’s Convergence Ecosystem

A surprising number of DLT projects are based in the UK

Pg. 21: More than 260 companies Headquartered around the UK.

Shifting focus to value-added tech, not tokens

Many projects are looking to utilise second layer applications in order to provide interoperability and scalability, such as Coinweb’s Hyperlayer

How DLT can benefit corporations

Centralised vs. Decentralised banking systems

ICO’s account for a small proportion of fundraising

“It is also particularly difficult for companies that have raised funds in crypto-assets to get a traditional bank account even if they had undertaken all necessary KYC/AML checks on investors.”

Regulatory confusion is slowing progress

What does the industry believe is stopping DLT adoption?

The speed of integration is far less glamorous than we would like


99Bitcoin’s cartoon parodying the shady reputation of BTC.

Does this leave us feeling pessimistic about the future for DLT in the UK?

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A hyperlayer that seamlessly connects blockchains