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Announcement of CoinWind resolutely oppose BXH.COM’s BSC chain processing plan

November 19th, 2021

At 8:04 PM, November 18th, 2021 GMT+8, BXH.COM founder Bin WANG (王斌)(Telegram username: @Neo_WangCWV) shared BXH’s solution for the residual value of BSC chain and the treatment plan of stolen assets in BXH official Chinese Telegram community. Then, the group disabled the message function and no longer accept and allow any more voices. After the plan was announced, it caused strong dissatisfaction and doubts from the vast majority of affected users.

After seeing the first draft plan, CoinWind community gave feedback to BXH.COM’s founder Bin WANG at 8:39 PM, November 18th, 2021, GMT+8, and has not received any response until now. CoinWind community expresses strong dissatisfaction with BXH.COM’s official negative handling attitude, and CoinWind community firmly oppose the draft that BXH announced:

1. CoinWind Community officially does not agree with the solution of the remaining residual value of the BSC chain according to the draft that BXH announced:

We ask BXH.COM platform to return to all users in a token-based manner according to the proportion of the remaining token-based amount to the total locked amount in the platform;

2. CoinWind community does not agree that the compensation plan shall be treated according to the amount of staked funds:

CoinWind community assets are invested by individual investors, including both large and small amounts. CoinWind community does not agree that the compensation plan shall be treated differently according to the amount of staked funds. CoinWind community ask BXH.COM platform treat all users equally, and reformulation a fairer and more persuasive plan, then, republicize and explain;

3. The BXH.COM project party is urged to make up the assets deposited by users of the ETH chain and HECO chain as soon as possible, and to ensure that all users can deposit and withdraw smoothly

CoinWind Community asks BXH.COM project party face up to their own problems, take on their own responsibilities, cherish every user who has trusted and supported the platform and use practical actions to fulfill their promises to users.

If BXH.COM still insists on going its own way, the CoinWind community will work with individual investors on the platform to take all necessary measures to deal with it.

CoinWind Team
November 19th, 2021

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