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Announcement of CoinWind’s Lossing Estimation on BSC Chain From BXH.COM’s Incident

1. Comparison of contract data on the BXH.COM chain and published data:

As shown in the figure, after comparing the BXH.COM contracts’ addresses balance with the BXH.COM team’s remaining BSC asset announcement which was announced on October 31st, the CoinWind team found that the BXH.COM’s assets and the publicly disclosed BSC chain remaining asset are different (Column 5). The amounts of the difference are in column 6 of the chart. We have further communicated with the BXH.COM team based on this to confirm the true remaining value.

BXH.COM’s contract addresses are as follows:

BTC: 0x2483e0e9b6d2a3b30d375ac43f6798560e235ea0
ETH: 0x30032ac497ab92bf4ced1d607b77087afdfae953
USDT: 0x0d6302be68ee9d2406aa7e201565916d70e5ca85
USDC: 0x66b8b7d0355ad652a6bdf2d28426cac8658839c3
BUSD: 0xd82d716a2c06357c6f62ada159ef287ba65b75f3
WBNB: 0x48ad49fb3a9188583241c153d4629706db735877

2. The estimated loss of CoinWind’s assets on BSC chain

CoinWind will now release the relevant token strategy contract address of BXH.COM on BSC chain:

BTCB: 0xEC96ba9117E95407F862fFC99975dBb1EEdbb80c
ETH: 0x9Fe109d508b970F3f54fd0D97EeF876e1441E5f6
BUSD: 0x130B3F1d824455399136794CB1af8945049a2CCd
USDT: 0x7158BF382Cd9EA0b795531b5e67eC94D4727912e
USDC: 0x706d1677D47FCaa99cFb37b2E3A60C7b5B8E33a7

On the basis of the data disclosed by the BXH.COM team, CoinWind calculated the estimated number of losses and the percentage of estimated losses of CoinWind based on the percentage of the amount of BXH.COM invested by CoinWind in the total pool of BXH.COM. If that was calculated based on BXH.COM’s contract addresses, CoinWind will lose less.

Special Note:
The final actual loss amount will be calculated after BXH.COM resumes BSC chain asset deposit and withdrawal functions, and CoinWind will calculate according to the actual number of tokens withdrawn from BXH.COM.

CoinWind will continue to maintain close communications with the BXH.COM team to follow up on the latest updates. At the same time, based on the above data, the CoinWind team is preparing compensation plans for users.

We hope you will give the team more time and thank you for your understanding and support!

CoinWind Team
November 1st, 2021

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