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Announcement on CoinWind’s Assets on HECO Chain on BXH.COM

According to the latest updates, the assets that CoinWind put on BXH.COM on the HECO chain are shown in the following table:

Addresses of each token strategy contract are as follows:
USDT: 0x3182F85016BfD44C5672B9E00A3856752E990Cf1
HBTC: 0x93c5f92A7A3077Dd9A023a24082Acd010b4d4ecf
HFIL: 0x93c6c318DDE842a520dAedfdA25E360323f27674

Regarding when the deposit and withdrawal functions for assets on the HECO chain can be resumed

According to the information obtained from the BXH official, it is necessary to wait for the relevant parties to arrive at the place of the BXH management team. After a preliminary review of the private key manager who did not stick to the theft, the deposit and withdrawal of all the other three chains will be opened immediately. CoinWind will continue to pay attention to future related progress and will share with CoinWind users as soon as we can, we will also be ready to resume deposit and withdrawal at any time.

Please give us more time and patience, thank you for your understanding and support!

CoinWind team
November 1st, 2021

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