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Announcement on the enabling HECO Chain Dtoken asset exchange

I. Background

At 3 PM, November 10th, 2021 GMT+8, CoinWind has resumed the HECO chain unaffected token deposits and withdrawals. For tokens that cannot be withdrawn temporarily, users will receive the corresponding amount of Dtoken with the corresponding name (Dtoken is the exchange acceptor). The only evidence for the affected funds.

At 8 PM, November 17, 2021, GMT+8, BXH.COM officially resumed the asset deposit and withdrawal of the HECO chain. CoinWind has successively withdrawn part of the assets from BXH.COM. After the team’s research and internal discussion, we will enable Dtoken asset exchange today.

II. HECO chain Dtoken asset exchange enabling time

Time: 6 PM, November 18th, 2021 GMT+8

III. Announcement of CoinWind’s withdrawal of assets from BXH.COM on the HECO chain

As of 3 PM, November 18, 2021, GMT+8, CoinWind’s withdrawn of assets from BXH.COM on the HECO chain and the exchange rate of Dtoken are as follows:

Updated: 3 PM, November 18th, 2021 MGT+8

The addresses for withdrawn assets from BXH HECO chain are as follows, click on the link and select HRC-20 Token Txns to check the progress:


IV. how to use Dtoken to exchange remaining assets

  1. After successfully migrating the asset to the COW V2 pool, users will get the corresponding number of Dtokens with the corresponding name, and need to add the Dtoken with the corresponding contract address to the wallet.

The Dtoken addresses are as follows:

DUSDT address: 0xa08a86A7D2f53bCcA6ACD592eD211cAB9f0Bc5f4
DFIL address: 0x5DD688CD5F73BB7471f291b4BCE1a803D4090920
DBTC address: 0x7f2BE74858355f2Ca720155d8d540f838464A7b8

2. After the exchange pool is enabled, users can click “Single Farm → Lossless Farm V2 → Mirgration Record” to enter the exchange page of the remaining assets

The remaining assets are still waiting to be withdrawn from BXH.COM. We will put the funds into the exchange pool after withdrawing from BXH. Users can see the “quantity available for exchange” and “quantity to be exchanged” on this page.

Please note: Once Dtoken is deposited in the exchange pool, it can only be exchanged and cannot be withdrawn.

Thank you for your patience and trust. CoinWind will continue to follow up the recovery of the residual value of BXH and have the remaining assets back as soon as possible.

CoinWind team
November 18th, 2021

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